The Outlaws


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8.3| 0h30m| en| More Info
Released: 25 October 2021 Returning Series
Producted By: Big Talk Productions
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Seven strangers from different walks of life - people who would never normally interact - are forced to work together to renovate a derelict community centre. They resent the menial physical labour and they resent each other. But when one of their number gets dragged into a dangerous world of organised crime, they unite in ways none of them thought possible.

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Alicia I love this movie so much
Solemplex To me, this movie is perfection.
FirstWitch A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.
Ella-May O'Brien Each character in this movie — down to the smallest one — is an individual rather than a type, prone to spontaneous changes of mood and sometimes amusing outbursts of pettiness or ill humor.

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