The Fades


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7.8| 0h30m| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 21 September 2011 Ended
Producted By: BBC
Country: United Kingdom
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Seventeen-year old Paul can see the spirits of the dead. When one of these restless spirits crosses back into the living world, he is forced into a fight to prevent the apocalypse.

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Perry Kate Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!
Neive Bellamy Excellent and certainly provocative... If nothing else, the film is a real conversation starter.
Bob This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.
Staci Frederick Blistering performances.
SnoopyStyle Paul (Iain De Caestecker) sees dead people. He's a normal teen who has frightful visions. Rarely does a new concept about the undead get introduced nowadays. It's a well traveled road, but this one made some new tracks.The dead are called the Fades. Some go up, but some stay. They glow in their chest as they search for ascension points. The glow could shine bright and they rise. Or else their light goes out. Those that lose their light stays. Now something terribly wrong is coming.The ideas brought forth by this is fascinatingly new. Iain De Caestecker is a good outsider teen. Sophie Wu has an alluring look. Lily Loveless gives a brash performance. It is a real disappointment that it only had 6 episodes. Maybe they can remake this.
Taylor2813 All the problems with this show pretty much stem from the rushed ending. Through episode 4 everything was entertaining enough; probably an 8.3 or so but then the booster rockets ignited and a lot of weight (i.e. subplots and believability) were jettisoned in order to fit what probably was intended to be another seasons worth of plot into 2 episodes. So, most of the side characters became plot devices instead of people and what could have been somewhat believable developments, given enough time, became lobotomizingly absurd. It is a shame too because I think the writers had a lot more story to tell and they could write some believable and interesting characters. I think they knew they were going to be canceled though and decided to give some kind of ending even though it basically ruined it for me.I can't recommend this show but there were some performances that I think are worth mentioning. Mac steels the show for me as his character is very well performed, mostly well written, and given some evocative scenes that left quite an impression. Neil, is another mostly well written character, well performed and is my favorite anti-hero of the show. Also, Anna and Paul need to be mentioned for similar reasons.
Thomas Aitken I loved the first episode of this show, but then episodes 2 & 3 completely dropped off the pace and we had to wait until episode 4 for things to get interesting again.Looking back on it now, it seems obvious to me that the first 3 episodes could have been condensed into a single episode - in fact there are even events in those early episodes that have no real bearing on the subsequent plot development (just consider how the character of Helen, who features a lot in the opening episodes, actually serves very little purpose in the overall plot of the series, and she ends her time on the show well before the real story actually starts to unfold in the later half of the season).In many ways season one of this series could be described as two different shows. The early part of the season is much lighter, slower, and more like a teen drama than the second half of the series which is far more interesting, pacey and serious.One thing that disappointed me with this series was some of the early sexual content - is it just me or do the British seem to have a weird fascination with seeing teenage sexuality on TV? As an adult male I have no desire to watch young teens having sex, or young boys pleasuring themselves - and there was definitely no plot-related reason to include such content in the show.It'll be interesting to see if they can maintain the enthralling momentum and tone that they've finally managed to achieve in the last three episodes of season one through the second season.
Scuba Head Although I was not sure how the show would turn out when started watching Episode 1, I realized what a great show it is. I think casting is great and it is an excellent horror show. You never know what will happen next. I hope to see this show lasting several seasons.I highly recommend this show who is into horror and want to have a good time.Ms.Wu is doing a great job in acting as well. 8 out of 10.It can be put in the same category as Walking Dead (Season 2 just started by the way)I am looking forward to watching new episodes.Cheers

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