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8.7| 0h30m| TV-MA| en| More Info
Released: 13 August 1997 Returning Series
Producted By: Comedy Central
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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Follows the misadventures of four irreverent grade-schoolers in the quiet, dysfunctional town of South Park, Colorado.

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Scanialara You won't be disappointed!
ThiefHott Too much of everything
FuzzyTagz If the ambition is to provide two hours of instantly forgettable, popcorn-munching escapism, it succeeds.
Nayan Gough A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.
diegosanchezsilva ''South Park'' is the best television series of all time. It's hilarious and clever, while teaching valuable lessons and morals. It has social political commentary on current day event. The plots in each episodes are interesting, and the characters are funny and likable. Unfortunately, lots of people don't like it because of how inappropriate and vulgar it is, even though what ''South Park'' says in the show is completely accurate. Sadly, people won't learn to love ''South Park'' because they're sensitive to religious beliefs or vulnerable to dark humor. "South Park" is forever the best show ever created, and people need to learn to realize this.
bookmanty This show was probably one of the most funniest and satirical shows out here was part of the 90's animation Renaissance which lasted from 1989 to 2014. When the show first started which was inspired by a web short that became famous in 1995 and was considered the first viral video. It wasn't a satire masterpiece but just a funny show with some jabs of satire of US culture and was just simply a funny show to watch. But when Season 4 the show became better and they also became 4th graders came on the show still kept its comedy of the kids being kids and it also started to get more satirical with politics and various subjects happening in the US which was done smart and funny and yet be true to the series with its weird sense of humor and edgy jokes for the alternative audience. Although they still slightly did it in the older season like the episode "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka" made fun of the "Trash TV" genre just that now more of the episodes were going to take that slight turn of direction. But when season 12 came around it got a lil less funny and smart and have gotten just more stupider by trying to use jokes that use feces and urine which were done in a un-funny way like they used to do these types of jokes but where done not to the extreme and often But around season 18 that when the show had a big downgrade got political but this time they would not use satire and the jokes they tried to do were un-funny as hell. To add to that the kids changed to being smart funny and jerks to now just boring and lost every single traits like Kyle going anginst Terrace and Philip which was just stupid and taken to serious this season was the worst i ever seen and should be ignored. The show has gotten to serious to be called South Park.The show lost it satire and go overboard in to politics to the point where i can just watch the news to here about that. Its the news just in animated form and the jokes are not even funny only one joke made me laugh about the Eric Cartman's song about suicide was funny show if you agree with me do not watch the show on the network Comedy Central and watch it on a bootleg site so they do not get any extra ratings so if you want to see how bad it is watch on there to bust there balls. Note Only giving season 1-11 a 10 the rest of it is pretty much bad.
hellraiser7 This is another one of my favorite shows of all time. I remember seeing this show when I was about in my Soft more year in High School, this show really made my school days a little more cheerful. It was also a phenomenon, there were toys, graphic tees with some of the quotes from the show, but also a pinball game which was cool along with the digital tables from Zen Pinball, as well as video games most notably the two RPGs "The Stick of Truth" and "The Fractured but Whole" which as Cartman would put it kick ass. There really wasn't an animated show like this let alone many that were aimed for the teen and adult demographic, to me that's part of what made the show special showing that you can do much more with the animation genre. It is the perfect area for comedy because in animation you really have the freedom to push the boundaries in comedy and accomplish things that live action wouldn't be able to do. The animation style is great, it's a unique one because of it's simplistic nature which to me add to the comedy. As the back ground and characters look like they were made from cut out and pasted construction paper. This to me give the show a surrealist and comical feel of a world that is out of sorts. Though it sort of gives the show a twisted story book feel only this book is one that's for teens and adults.I really like how South Park is constructed its sort of a Alternate America flipped completely upside down. It's not a place I'd want to live in, nor am I sure I'd visit as there is so much lunacy and death even more than Tromaville in "The Toxic Avenger" movies. Though the town is also kind of a fantasy world as there is something some really unreal crazy crap that happens and shows up from dragons, demons, evil psychics, evil magicians, zombies, aliens the list goes on, you just have to see it to believe it. This also adds to the comedy, because you feel that in this world anything is possible and anything that can happen will.The dialog is just fantastic, this show has some of the best verbal humor I've ever heard. There are a lot of memorable lines enough to sell Graphic Tees for years. It's really crude and colorful with the amount of profanity but also really clever at the same time. Even the writing is fantastic as there are episodes that satire and parody on certain topical social issues, really shines a dark cracked mirror showing how ridiculous and out of control these issues really are. Though to me the ones I really like are the original storylines from the single episodes like "Woodland Critter Christmas" and "Good Times with Weapons" but also two or three parter arc, the three parter arcs to me are the best because they are the most epic and just get funnier the further it gets, but most importantly keep their eye on the ball and pay off which most long arc in TV shows sometimes fail to do. The three arcs I love are "Imagination Land which is an animation fans dream come true, The comic book heroes where the characters are parodies on DC and Marvel superheroes, and of course "Console Wars" which is a parody on "Game of Thrones".The show is also kind of a musical, this show has so many memorable songs that I love to download on my iPod and listen to or even play at a party or certain holiday's if possible. Three of my favorites are "Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo which is sort of a parody on the Frosty the Snowman song", "Let's fighting Love" which is just hilarious anime music parody as it consists of random sentences some in English and some plain gibberish, "Kyle's Mom" that is just a laugh riot it's just Cartman's ranting at it's best and most disrespectful peak., though believe or not my favorite song is "Sun Valley" from Stan and Wendy yeah it's a love song but it's one of my favorite because it's cute, sweet, funny, and beautiful as it perfectly expresses the relationship between both characters. And of course, there is the Theme song which is one of my favorite theme songs of all time, it's a very strange but funny tone which is hard to describe you have to hear it for yourself, but it perfectly fits the nature of the show.Though to me what really makes the show are the characters, their all great from the supporting characters but most of all the main ensemble Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny whom are to me the real heart of the show. I'll just state a couple of the supporting characters that are my favorites and there are lots of them but these two always stood the most in my mind.I even like how there seems to be a bit of a contrast to most of the adults and kids in South Park. Despite older there are none the wiser as if their I.Q. points have dropped over the years or are just kind of lazy; alright Chef is probably one of the only adults in the show that actually has smarts. It's just funny how at times Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Wendy and any other company with them are actually smarter and more mature, to me in a way their the real adults in the show.Chef voiced by the late great Isaac Hayes one of my favorite singer's and a solid actor, this character is just fantastic. To me in a way he's sort of the South Park's kids father they never had. He's no doubt a better mentor than every other teacher in the school as he has more common sense. Though he's a bit oversexed or obsessed with it as he constantly sings a lot of songs about lovemaking to a woman sometimes at the most inappropriate times and in front of the South Park kids, those songs are both fun and funny as their a slight parody on Isaac.Wendy Testinburger I just love her character. She is so sweet, smart and a strong aggressive person as she's not afraid to commit and fight for good causes which she actually does win.It's really funny when we see she has a bit of a dark side to sometimes, usual when there is something that really pushes her over the edge she becomes sort of ruthless and scary where she will literally destroy anyone that crosses her. But most of all like that she doesn't take crap from anyone especially Cartman whom hates her (no surprise since he hates about everybody in the entire world) she actually stands up for herself. So, she's pretty much sugar and spice which I think is a good combination.However, what I really love is the relationship between both Stan and Wendy, these two are one of my favorite fictional couples these two just have the sweetest and beautiful chemistry I've seen and I found it a light in a town full of darkness. Despite their age it feels like a real relationship as they have their ups and downs who doesn't but they both work though them. We even see both of them do their best to make the other happy. It's true that it's not all physical due to one fault where Stan is plagued by love sickness as he always upchucks when Wendy tries to kiss Stan or get's too close, it sort of like that same dilemma with Rogue and Gambit on X-Men. However despite that problem both work around that by mentally and emotionally connecting which to me makes the connection even stronger than the physical touch. Now we get to the South Park kids: Kenny: This is an interesting character not just from the fact that he is cursed with dying. But he's the non-verbal character, well ok he does communicate but he voice is always muffled, how any of the other kids can understand him is anyone's guess. His character is just a living mystique with that hood that covers his hole face except he eyes, he's full of surprises as he really does get out of his way to save others, certain alter egos he takes on like Mysterion whom is a parody on "Batman" and the other Princess Kenny whom is a parody on Danarey's from "Game of Thrones" why the hell he wanted to dress up as a princess is anyone's guess, the list goes on.Kyle: He's sort of like Stan but unlike Stan he's more on the aggressive and impulsive side. I like that he's not afraid to do what he seeks out to do and say what he has to say. But he's also not afraid to stand up to opposition and not take crap from anyone especially Cartman whom everyday gives him crap.Stan: This character is another one of my favorite fictional protagonists. I find his character relatable because he is the most human and level headed of the bunch. I really like how he reacts to everything that happens around him and his views on things, it feels like that's how I would react if I was in the same circumstances. He sort of has that look and reaction that says, "Are you fraking crazy" or "Could you be this stupid.". But to me what makes him a hero (sort of) is he somewhat a voice of common sense. He's able to think for himself and not just go along with whatever comes his way, when he knows who the captain of the ship is and is steering off course Stan knows to abandon ship. He does care about other people willing to do the right thing whether he wants to or not because no one else can or has the balls to.Cartman: Ah, man he's my favorite character in the show. He's a villain but he's the kind you just love to hate. This guy despite being the maestro of foul mouth he just has some of the best lines ever. He's the living definition of spoiled rotten, a zeal of selfishness and self- absorption, and has bigotry which is as big as his body. Cartman is ruthless in getting whatever he wants in the worst way possible, anyone and anything that gets in the way he'll blow away. It's always funny as everything just backfires on him mainly due to self betrayal from his own petty desires.If your looking for laughs, South Park is the place to be.Rating: 4 stars
hackerz-55205 This show is the best show in this world. I sincere thanks to the creators of this show. Superb comedy, superb music and superb plots. Eric cart-man is just dope. It is a MUST WATCH. I hope this show continues for years. To all those who haven't seen this show yet............Dude, why are you alive! just watch it online else u will miss the fun.This show is the best show in this world. I sincere thanks to the creators of this show. Superb comedy, superb music and superb plots. Eric is just dope. It is a MUST WATCH. I hope this show continues for years. To all those who haven't seen this show yet............Dude, why are you alive! just watch it online else u will miss the fun.

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