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7.9| 0h30m| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 12 July 2002 Ended
Producted By: Touchstone Television
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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Adrian Monk was once a rising star with the San Francisco Police Department, legendary for using unconventional means to solve the department's most baffling cases. But after the tragic (and still unsolved) murder of his wife Trudy, he developed an extreme case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Now working as a private consultant, Monk continues to investigate cases in the most unconventional ways.

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Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
Hadrina The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful
Casey Duggan It’s sentimental, ridiculously long and only occasionally funny
Jakoba True to its essence, the characters remain on the same line and manage to entertain the viewer, each highlighting their own distinctive qualities or touches.
jcjs333 I see Amazon has 'Psyche' now which i binged on some years ago and Psyche is awesome' with great cameos and acting and funny. I'd pass by watching Monk i don't know why. I'm on Ep 14 of 7th season after about 7 days. I'm totally immersed in the pleasure of this series. I bet they have great out takes. I'm not going to say much about it. Ya just have to check it out and i trust you'll be as pleased. The show is 'one of a kind'. Someone told me they like Columbo better. Peter falk is great and the show was a hoot but it was more of a serious show and is different compared to Monk. Monk is 'Charlie Chan', 'Columbo', 'Sid Ceasar', 'Red Skelton', 'Red Buttons', 'Jack Benny', 'Flip Wilson', 'George Burns and Gracy Allen' , 'Steve Allen' and old them classic one of a kind good ole awesome humor. And 'clowning'. Monk is a modern day 'Red Skelton' on steroids. Also, i've gotten to the point where i turn on a series and i stop watching it if they use 'f--k'. The 'f-word' has lost it's meaning. I watched over 110 episodes of 'Monk' before i heard Capt Stoddlmeir say '...people come to a football game and get all 'f----d' up. It took hours and hours to hear 'f'. Tin Star starts out with the f word a dozen times said by the whole family. F word ought to be used sparingly and with gusto hitting a person's gut with it like the 'c' word. Nowadays, i think people who say 'f' are simply illiterate idiots and writers are bad who use it. They can't write. 'Death in Paradise', BBC, is a great series like Monk in it's humor and wind up at the end. But, MONK is Monk and Monk is a great actor and a great 'clown' making people laugh at him, with him and realize the humor in life. Sad, to see the show go. RED SKELTON is the first hit i got while watching it. Monk can act, though. Great job.
sandcrab277 Acting like a moron isn't difficult for anthony...he's had a lot of practice, starting with "wings" another comedy...people that act like morons to get laughs are not funny at all...i tried my best to find the slightest hint of humor but each time he went into his obsessive compulsive routine...apparently a lot of people like this routine, perhaps because they see themselves....the show ran for a long you can tell, i'm no fan and when an actor has to pay as executive directors do to be seen it makes it seem like the show is totally forced on us
thenekassyni I love the show and watch the whole series when I have a lot of free time. But the writing is just bad in some of the episodes. This is especially true of the supporting cast to Monk himself. While Monk is well developed the others are buffoons, literally morons.Now, I'm not saying this because I don't like them because I do. But I cannot stand the bad script that they are given. This is more patronizing and absurd everyone around him lavishes and adores the the criminal even though Monk is never ever wrong. You would figure that after 200 cases with 100% success they would know better. But hey, maybe this is the comedy side of it. It's doesn't work for me. In fact, it makes me want to puke because it is so bad.It is worse than the Randy character that they have created. We know that he's intentionally an idiot and a kiss-ass but the issue above isn't and it's not believable. Well, you could say that the script and characters' worship has a purpose but it is a very bad part of the episodes used in. Imagine being one of these buffoons adoring every star and every famous person. Now imagine them not being around monk, how their life would have crumble down in an instant because of their sheer adoration for others vanity.In such cases I fast forward to the end to avoid all the fake set ups.
SnoopyStyle Former San Francisco police detective Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) has severe OCD and debilitating phobias. His wife investigative reporter Trudy was murdered in a car bomb. Her death caused his breakdown. With the help of his nurse Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram), he's able to reclaim part of his life by being a consultant to the police. Former colleague Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) and his young partner Randy Disher call on his help from time to time. In the 3rd season, Sharona leaves and Monk hires Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard) as his new assistant. Natalie is a widow with daughter Julie.Tony Shalhoub is simply wonderful. This is a simple detective procedural but it's one that gets big laughs from me every once in awhile. Monk's weird antics sometimes surprise me. While Sharona is a great character, I think Natalie is even better. She's more supportive and Traylor Howard is a funnier actress. She's more of a traditional Girl Friday. The slight differences do add up and Julie is more interesting than Benjy anyways. This is a solid procedural plus some great Monk fun. My favorite episode is 'Mr. Monk on Wheels' which has a lot of slapstick elements.

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