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Released: 28 April 2010 Canceled
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Country: United States of America
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Official Website: http://abc.go.com/shows/happy-town

The residents of Haplin, Minnesota - also known as "Happy Town" - have enjoyed an uneasy peace while haunted by a number of unsolved kidnappings. Now facing a disturbing new crime that brings unresolved fears to the surface, Haplin's most prominent citizens come under scrutiny as their own secrets are revealed.

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WasAnnon Slow pace in the most part of the movie.
2hotFeature one of my absolute favorites!
Lancoor A very feeble attempt at affirmatie action
ChampDavSlim The acting is good, and the firecracker script has some excellent ideas.
jaiden Every once in a while, a show comes along that promises to be a break from the norm - a show that makes you think and second guess your assumptions with each scene. Sometimes, these shows can be annoying because they tend to be plot less efforts at eye candy. But Happy Town wasn't one of them. It was one of the good ones - and ABC executives have decided in their infinite wisdom that shadows over the common man to pull the plug on this show.This is why I don't trust the broadcast network hierarchy, and why I stick to satellite television reception. And it really doesn't matter which one you watch, either. ABC, NBC, and CBS all have the same mantra - premier a great show on a bad night, show two episodes, wait a few weeks until everyone forgets what happened, show a few more episodes, then cancel the show due to "bad ratings." Hello? What did you think was going to happen? Happy Town never had a chance. And it's a shame that good writing is wasted on the netherworld of broadcast stuffed-shirt politics.
jaypugh Happy Town has got to be one of the most confusing shows I can remember. There is only one pace in this series and that is "all out". People want to compare it to Twin Peaks but it isn't even close because at least in Twin Peaks they knew how to pace and build the characters. The plots shifted but not ever 5 minutes. Also, Twin Peaks didn't have camera shots that look like someone handed a 5 year old the camera for action sequences. It is frustrating when a fight scene is done and you have to pause to gain your composure before you toss your cookies.On a positive note, the characters are fairly believable and the acting is good. There's also plenty of scares in Happy Town and the show comes off as genuinely creepy. The best thing about Happy Town has to be Sam Neil. His character suits him perfectly and you can't help but want to see what he is going to do next.Sometimes I have to go against the masses and this is one of them. There are many possibilities in Happy Town but things come at you too fast. I felt like I got a season's worth of twists and turns in 2 episodes. If this is the supposed to be ABC's makeup project for Twin Peaks then they have dropped the ball.
cadillac20 For those sad about the retirement of LOST and a hankering for some Twin Peaks-like action, Happy Town may fill that gap. It certainly doesn't hold anything back as far as serving its inspirations. It's a strange, humorous, and quirky affair with mysteries abound. The town has its own personality and one that is Lottery-esquire (in reference to the short story) and quite two faced. However, you'll know how interested you are in the series once they start to talk about The Magic Man and M.C. Gainey starts spouting off some weird mumbo jumbo that no one seems to be able to make sense of. You'll either take to the Twin Peak aspirations and obvious mysteries, or you'll want something much more grounded.However, with genre shows having their peak at the moment, Happy Town may be worth sticking around for. The pilot is entertaining enough and the actors all do a fairly decent job of playing their respective parts. Hats off to Gainey and Sam Neill, both of whom stand out, with Gainey being a REAL Mr. Friendly here (with a seeming split in personality that I'm sure will be explained) and Sam pulling off being creepily British oh so well. For Sam alone and to see what they do with his character alone, it may be worth sticking around. As far as everything else, it's an ABC show with a slight Steven King, David Lynch twist (of which the creators stated was a huge inspiration for the show anyway). So, you can expect some gruesome details, although only two particular appeared in the pilot. So, if you've got a soft spot for Twin Peaks and want something to get going with as LOST winds down, Happy Town may be your cup of Chamomile Tea, or whatever tea you prefer.
gldnebu5 Saw a sneak peek at the pilot this evening. While the pilot is typically long and attempts to set up a story, it is slightly boring and overdone. The writers attempt to introduce you to every character in the town in a matter of 90 minutes. They give just enough information of the past crime that the viewers interest is peaked, however, the writers work too hard to make too many suspect. While the show has an interesting premiss, I am unsure how it will make an ongoing series. T.C. is by far the best character and carries the show. I understand a good mystery contains forshadowing and unknown facts, but with weird cuts the writers leave the audience with too many questions for a pilot. Lies are being spread as to characters whereabouts, mysterious alzheimers symptoms, creepy stalkers. The show has potential, but they are going to have to pick up the speed and start developing an ongoing story.

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