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7.6| 6h0m| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 27 March 2005 Returning Series
Producted By: The Mark Gordon Company
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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Follows the personal and professional lives of a group of doctors at Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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Contentar Best movie of this year hands down!
Dynamixor The performances transcend the film's tropes, grounding it in characters that feel more complete than this subgenre often produces.
WillSushyMedia This movie was so-so. It had it's moments, but wasn't the greatest.
Brenda The plot isn't so bad, but the pace of storytelling is too slow which makes people bored. Certain moments are so obvious and unnecessary for the main plot. I would've fast-forwarded those moments if it was an online streaming. The ending looks like implying a sequel, not sure if this movie will get one
almerednbakr This tv show is really addictive !! I've been watching it since the beginning... Good crew amazing stories and a lot of surprises !! I can't wait to watch season 15 !! Keep it up guys...
sookie0218 I'll definitely miss Arizona for sure, she's so perky and adorable, just what this show is missing! And way to go! Hunt! Teddy is coming back with you know..... why the writers hate Amelia so much, they just won't give her her happiness?? Well... the show is and always will be incredible
rpmedic This show started out a 10/10, but then it became more like a sad soap opera. In the end this is now just trash.
helloheather30 Rarely have I come across a programme I can watch over and again but I remain addicted to Greys from S1 to S14. Certain storylines and characters just grab hearts and minds. Admittedly some episodes and seasons are far better than others but there is always some content to love and learn from. Totally bonded with characters S1 to S12 .... Now on S 14, worryingly appearing a little diluted so I hope it doesn't lose the elements and depth we've grown to love. Addictive, enjoyable, informative, emotional.

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