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Released: 26 February 2013 Canceled
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Golden Boy is an American crime drama series created by Nicholas Wootton, which is produced by Berlanti Television and Warner Bros. Television. CBS placed a series order on May 13, 2012. The series ran on CBS from February 26 to May 14, 2013 and aired Tuesdays at 10:00 pm ET. On May 10, 2013, CBS canceled the series after one season.

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Evengyny Thanks for the memories!
Beystiman It's fun, it's light, [but] it has a hard time when its tries to get heavy.
Bumpy Chip It’s not bad or unwatchable but despite the amplitude of the spectacle, the end result is underwhelming.
Curt Watching it is like watching the spectacle of a class clown at their best: you laugh at their jokes, instigate their defiance, and "ooooh" when they get in trouble.
SnoopyStyle Theo James is a hot shot young detective destined to be police commissioner in 7 years. In fact, the show flashforwards to show him as commissioner. As a lead, he's too angry and too unlikeable. He doesn't have enough charm or charisma to root for. Kevin Alejandro is a competing detective out to get the young upstarter. Their competition is at the center of this show. Bonnie Somerville plays the Kevin Alejandro's partner detective. Chi McBride is the old wise detective tasked to partner up with the rookie. Chi is probably playing the only likable character.There is just too many flawed concepts in this. It's dark tones just drag it down as a traditional police procedural. The 7 years jump ahead is a clunky gimmick. Everything is tied down and restricted. It's a gimmick that adds nothing good to the storytelling.
ShelbyTMItchell Really great acting and writing as it will take a miracle for CBS the network that airs it to renew it. Despite it being a spring entry as rarely unless you are a "Grey's Anatomy", to take so much to really make it as a long running show.Theo James is Walter Clark Jr who is the son of a criminal family. The only son that has gone legit. As he will seven years in the future will become the youngest ever NYPD Commissioner.As a rookie cop, he saves his partner and shoots two thugs. And gets to in three years from being a rookie to being a homicide detective. Much less to the chargin of his new co-workers who have taken up to ten years to get to being just a detective.As one colleague Christian Arryo a senior detective played by Kevin Alejando. Who resents him as he used to be a top cop in the squad until Clark's arrival and will do anything and everything to get rid of Clark as he is competition.Also he has to deal with the old guard played by veteran TV actor Chi McBride who both have a grudging yet respectful partnership. As the old guard gives him advice and is kind of like a gruff father figure to the young Clark.Really a great show that needs a chance. As hope that it will give the team a chance.
mmarks423 I don't know why this is not on Prime Time on Demand. I love the show and can't wait to watch it every Tuesday. I want to share my new find with my husband but as stated it is not on Prime Time so I can not share the back episodes. I love the Golden Boys relationship with his partner. They both are learning form each other and I know something sad and bad is going to happen to his partner. I can't stand the other cop and will be glad to see Golden Boy get the top job. I also enjoy the relationship he has with his sister. I DVR this show and watch it on Wednesday nights. I have also shared the new series with friends. So far it looks like it isn't doing well, it keeps me on my toes.
annajriley This show is as good as TV can get. The characters are carefully built and complicated - you have to watch the series from episode 1, you cant watch a random episode and understand them - love the plots and how they are complicated, and the police politics, not shown in any other cop show I've seen. And the casting is so perfect!! love it so much, my favorite TV show. The way it shows the future and the present seemed strange at first and I thought I didn't like that method of jumping around, but now I love it because it makes the story have more depth and meaning, and it keeps me wanting to find out the rest of the story - and the star of the show is SO handsome!! His partner is so perfect for his part too. this review has to be a minimum of 10 lines gee thats long

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