Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

2009 "Family vacations can be tricky."
6.2| 1h34m| PG| en| More Info
Released: 28 August 2009 Released
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Powerful magic cast by Alex spells trouble for the Russo's. The kids must go on an adventure to save their family and their existence.

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JinRoz For all the hype it got I was expecting a lot more!
Acensbart Excellent but underrated film
Ceticultsot Beautiful, moving film.
Frances Chung Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
kdnor2011 Wizards of Waverly Place was the last live action show on Disney Channel that I actually watched, it was funny, it had good characters, the magic elements were fun, and it had several story arcs. Sure the special effects were bad, but they were bad in that fun cheesy way. So in 2009, two years after the show premiered, we got a made for TV movie based on the show, and it was just as good as the show.The movie follows the Russo's as they go to the Bahama's. While there, Alex falls for a wind surfing teacher, but when her mother says she can't hang out with him, she wishes that her parents never met. And because she was holding the family wand, her wish comes true. So now Alex, Justin and Max must find a way to undo the spell before they disappear forever.This movie works for the same reasons the show does. It's funny, it's got good characters, the film has a story, and it's a lot of fun. Unlike the show though, the effects and production value, are actually pretty good. Not enough for a theatrical release, but pretty good. There were only two things I didn't care for. One was the fact that Harper was barely in it. And the other was that the scenes with Alex and Justin alone felt weird, they're supposed to be brother and sister, yet they are acting like lovers.
nourhan95 I was not enthralled to see this movie, although i wouldn't even call this a movie, just another episode. I'm very concerned about the amount of the 7/10 reviews here at IMDb. It probably shows something. People don't think anymore, they want candy. So they got it. But you can't feed on candy only, you know. My theory is that Disney ran out of ideas and wanted to make a quick buck. I kind of stopped watching the seasons after one, thats when i felt that this show lost its spark.But on to the movie, Selena Gomez came off as a "pushy-16-year-old-Paris-Hilton-wanting-independance", she threw childish tantrums & her character was not worth watching anymore. Her character really would makes you want to flatten ones face off, like in "War:Pushier Zone". I was also not convinced by the crying scene. NEWSFLASH:Crying in a movie does not show your talents, it shows simple characterisation. Mediocre acting at it's finest. Also, what is the main POINT of this movie?. Hannah Montana The Movie has a lesson for all of us "lifes a climb" and has a crying scene, yet its on the below. Im just glad they never released this movie in cinemas.Story was cute though, mediocre acting/cute scenes. But in my opinion i really don't think this movie deserves all this hype. I'm just going to stick to the episodes. THEY ARE worth watching.
rockstar99 Wow, is all I can say about this movie, it was the best DCOM movie I have ever seen, The movie gave a very good family outlook with many scenes showing how the three siblings missed their parents and how they were determined to get their parents to know them. The actors in this are just flat out fantastic, I really like the TV show, but when I watched this, all the actors seemed more geared up and prepared. The chemistry of all the actors really made me like this movie, Selena Gomez once again does a great job, and the scenes in the movie between David Henrie and Selena Gomez were just unbelievable, the way they acted in every scene together was just perfect.When I first saw the promos for this movie, I was like, oh that sounds cool, but I didn't expect it to be so good. Although the plot was a recycled one that's been used by Disney a lot, the actors breathed a new life to it with all of their amazing performances, and the special effects( although not Hollywood picture perfect) they were amazing for a disneychannel movie.And the ending scenes of the movie were great, and once the movie was done, I was satisfied,( something that usually doesn't happen when I watch a DCOM)
RKbull121 The Movie was surprisingly not bad by any means in fact it was actually pretty good. The story is that a wizard named Alex wishes that her parents have never met and low and behold it actually happens. Now her and her brothers must undo the wish she made before history catches up with them. The plot does have resemblance to Back to the future, but does a good job and keeping it fresh and original. The Key factor in the movie was the mixture of drama and humor which excels in both you will laugh and you will feel bad for the main characters. Another key factor to the movie is the acting these three actors are maturing as a actors and actresses and it definitely shows from watching the T.V. show to the movie. The Special Effects are also upgraded in the movie from the show. So ultimately I will definitely recommend to watch this one on T.V. or if you see it on DVD pick it up its pretty good