There Is a New World Somewhere

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Released: 26 April 2015 Released
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A coming of age story about self-revelation. Sylvia, a struggling artist in New York, is fired from her job and flees back to her Texas hometown for a friend’s wedding. At the pre-wedding party, she meets an enigmatic stranger, Esteban. On the eve of the big day, he dares her to join him on a road trip through the jewel cities of the Deep South.

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Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
Actuakers One of my all time favorites.
Onlinewsma Absolutely Brilliant!
Doomtomylo a film so unique, intoxicating and bizarre that it not only demands another viewing, but is also forgivable as a satirical comedy where the jokes eventually take the back seat.
zif ofoz A road trip movie of two people (both beautiful) who are strangers to each other and they meet for the first time at a party. He suggest a car trip through the southern states of the US. She impulsively agrees to go with him. Thus the story begins! We learn along the way both have issues with events in their personal lives. These cause bumps and fractures in this impulsive agreement between the two. She comes across as immature and bitchy at times. He comes across as perfectly likeable and about as sweet as he could be.You'll have to watch this to see how it ends. Both actors give convincing performances and you'll fall in love with him!
lastofthepirates Li Lu has crafted a beautiful, humanist road movie, replete with lovely locations and photography and music. The wonderful lead performers, Agnes Bruckner and Maurice Compte, live in characters that you know or have known; people who you have held or yelled at or followed or lost. They say what you would say, or what has been said to you, or what you wish you'd said.For me, it brought to mind those wild, impulsive decisions we make when we seek a life of creative passion, that romantic idealization of dropping everything and starting over down a new road carrying nothing of our old life. When twilight fades and you're still you, you've gained a new perspective, some personal insight. Melancholy is a gift.This is so rarely well-portrayed in film, focusing more on heartbreak or fantasy than personal growth/realization. Here Lu gave me this experience again, with care and depth, and without judgment or cynicism.Please see it. Support independent film and the people who tell stories we can touch.
marinaviscun This film drew me in because it connected with me - the deep dive into the characters, the pace of the film that allowed me to fall in love with both heroes, and the visual story that reflects the inner world of the characters and the director.The viewer more or less knows where the story goes, but the trip getting there is why we care about the characters. There is nothing flashy here; and that's what is great about the film - the ordinary life, the ordinary decisions that the characters make - it is all so similar and so different from other films.The feature is shot beautifully, the music is the connecting link between the worlds of the viewer and that portrayed in the film, and the lives of characters on screen are realistic and real.I highly recommend this film - indie to the core, in the best sense of indie.
nvelis Li Lu's beautiful independent film boldly explores a young woman's reckless reaction to the panic of her late twenties. The struggle is real and Lu skillfully, and without judgement, shows how the desperate need to achieve some level of relationship and career success can force you to make decisions you wouldn't otherwise consider. This is not your typical independent film. The characters and motivations depicted are honest and the relationships are filled with the manic highs and lows of new love. Lu has the courage to deftly use quiet moments that allow the audience to focus on the story, stunning imagery and beautifully composed music.