The Passion of the Christ

2004 "By his wounds, we were healed."
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Released: 25 February 2004 Released
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A graphic portrayal of the last twelve hours of Jesus of Nazareth's life.

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ThiefHott Too much of everything
Vashirdfel Simply A Masterpiece
Bea Swanson This film is so real. It treats its characters with so much care and sensitivity.
Billy Ollie Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
kxyang Seriously, if Jesus knew when to shut his big mouth, he wouldn't have gotten tortured and killed. He was warned many times to stop yapping nonsense but he continued and continued. I truly believe the Jews must have thought that Jesus was mentally stupid and decided to kill him. Jesus' followers (who were probably not right in the head also) decided to write a book about him and make up stuff that he apparently can do (even though the laws of nature would prevent him to do almost all of his stunts). This movie barely has a plot. If you enjoy watching Jesus get beaten down for almost 2 hours, then this movie is for you. I enjoy seeing Jesus get beaten up, but for 2 hours it gets boring. The true master of the world Satan barely gets a role in this movie. Satan has character, Jesus was just a one trick pony in this movie. Jesus never changes from the beginning until the end, he just goes around saying "I am the son of the God in heaven," which really annoyed the Jews and that is why they slaughtered him.The only good thing are the special effects, the "Freddy Kruegar" claw that Jesus gets whipped with is a pretty cool effect, the acting is good, and the directing by Mel is great. Too bad this movie is barely a movie. It is just a propaganda device used to milk religious peoples' wallets dry, and for them to go around and force feed this nonsense into modern society.Bad Movie, but great acting and directing.
cinephile-27690 This came out when I was 5 and my parents refused to let me see it. How could my devout parents not want me to see a movie about Jesus?Well, flaying, whipping, spear in a side, nailing, a suicide, an ear cut off, thorns piercing your forehead, etc. is not kid-friendly.That is not to say that's bad. The movie focuses on Good Friday, and historically it was a violent day. But no one under high school age should see this,it is too overwhelming for younger kids. (I was 14 when I first saw it)And about the anti-Semitic controversy, I think you should know that if this is against Jewish people then this movie is against Jesus!
Matt Otter I remember the previews for this coming out and I was eager to see it. I had heard that this movie would be more graphic than any of the others before, and, to a POINT, I really thought that was a good idea as it's very easy to forget that the cross was not always some symbol of hope and comfort, being crucified was a horrible thing.The problem I have with this film is that it just throws in all kinds of torture that was never even mentioned in the Bible. Right from the start when Jesus is arrested, the guards beat him, they throw him off a bridge (which would have likely cracked his spine or given him severe internal damage) - where is this in the scriptures?Basically from start to finish this movie is nonstop brutality just for the sake of it. Yes, Jesus was whipped and crucified, but all this extra stuff seemed to be put in there to satisfy some kind of odd blood lust. More so it's unbelievable, after that flogging alone he would have been dead - or at the very least unconscious.Then we get the drastic changes to the characters. What was the deal with turning Barabbas into some drooling, crazed, wild man? Does anyone even know who Barabbas was? This portrayal of him was a disgrace. I have no praise for Herod but since when was he some Effeminate cross dresser? Did the Roman soldiers truly get such sick ecstasy while carrying out their orders?I could go on and on, but I can't for the life of me understand why so many consider this the gold standard for a Christian film, yes, the production values are good, but I found the way this film portrays the Crucifixion to be an insult, and it's quite disturbing to hear so many Christians claim they get such immense and repeated enjoyment out of this sadism. I much prefer "King of Kings" or "Jesus of Nazareth".
joshuabush-28688 I love this movie with all my heart, it truly shows how much our lord Jesus suffered for us. Bless you Jesus!