2015 "To find their future, they had to escape their past..."
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A teenage boy and girl discover a renewed sense of possibility as they go on a road trip to photograph lighthouses along the California coast.

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SpuffyWeb Sadly Over-hyped
Doomtomylo a film so unique, intoxicating and bizarre that it not only demands another viewing, but is also forgivable as a satirical comedy where the jokes eventually take the back seat.
Kien Navarro Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.
Rosie Searle It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.
Kirpianuscus One of indie films about life. as confession. family, friendship, solitude, love and hate. from an indefine period, using a simple story and good actors, not giving too much explanations and proposing individual drama of two young people in atmosphere of desert. nothing new, off course. because, it is the sort of film who could be significant only if has the chance to connect with the memories, experences of the viewer. if not, it is just a dusty story, with metaphors, a poor girl and a poor boy and Christine Lahti doing a good job. but the film deserves attention. not for originality. but for the status of testimony about few basic traits of humankind. like each indie film.
MrGKB ...which is to say, a better script. "Safelight" is by no means a terrible film, but despite honest efforts from a talented ensemble headed up by Evan "American Horror Story" Peters and Juno "Killer Joe" Temple, the story fails to truly engage. The characters are a little too stock, their situations a little too bland and cliché to be memorable. Sadly, we've pretty much seen this all before. Impaired youth befriends broken flower, who inspires his special talent while inspiring herself to break her own bondage. The end. Ms. Temple makes the best of her mistaken choice of scripts, and it's always fun to see solid actors like Jason "Monkey Shines" Beghe and Christine "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains" Lahti get work on the big screen, but it's just not enough. I suppose "Safelight" is a reasonably competent calling card for auteur Tony Aloupis, but he still needs to step up his game. I followed this one up with another under-the-radar indie of a very similar nature, "Spring," which I would have to rate as at least marginally better than this one; neither one is essential viewing by any means, but if you can catch them for free, you'll do okay.
Seth_Rogue_One A slice of life indie-drama about a teenage boy (Evan Peters) with a slightly dysfunctional leg, they call him cripple in the movie but I think that's borderline slur so yeah I'll just put it like that instead, seems to work fine otherwise just walks a bit crookedly.Anyway he befriends a teenage girl who's a prostitute (Juno Temple) and yeah that's what the movie is about more or less.The plot summary here on IMDb make it sound more like a road-trip movie than it actually is, I mean there is a roadtrip but it's not substantial to the story so if you're expecting a typical get up to crazy things in new towns type of road movies you might be a bit disappointed.Writing could have been a little sharper but Temple and Peters are both as always good and make it worthwhile still.
Larry Silverstein This indie drama won't appeal to everyone, but I found it to be a decent watch, buoyed by quite the believable acting. Evan Peters is excellent in his portrayal of Charles, a shy 17-year-old aspiring photographer, who's had a physical disability since birth and thus walks with a decided limp. The underrated and talented actress Juno Temple co-stars as Vicki, a sexy 18-year-old hooker, operating out of a truck stop and motel, adjacent to the convenience store where Charles works.They have both had most difficult upbringings, and although seemingly far-fetched, a friendship and even a possible relationship develops between the two teens. Their bonding is heightened when Vicki helps Charles take photos of lighthouses along the California coastline for a school project, and I thought the chemistry between the two worked well.As mentioned, the supporting cast here is quite solid, with Christine Lahti playing Peg, a tough-talking and vibrant woman, who manages the store where Charles works and is a constant source of encouragement to him. Additionally, Kevin Alejandro is certainly believable as Vicki's "psycho" pimp Skid, and Kevin Beghe adds well to the mix as Eric, Charles' supportive but ailing father.All in all, this movie, written and directed by Tony Aloupis, can seem incredulous at times, but, as mentioned, buoyed by solid acting, kept my interest and I felt it was a decent watch. I must add that I wasn't thrilled with the ending here, as it seemed abrupt and, I thought, left some key plot elements unexplained.

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