2013 "Everyone's driven by something."
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Released: 02 September 2013 Released
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A biographical drama centered on the rivalry between Formula 1 drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda during the 1976 Formula One motor-racing season.

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Beanbioca As Good As It Gets
Comwayon A Disappointing Continuation
Odelecol Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.
Gary The movie's not perfect, but it sticks the landing of its message. It was engaging - thrilling at times - and I personally thought it was a great time.
yasmijnfataie-207-119128 Beautiful story interesting to watch even if you're not a F1 enthusiast.
spz824690 First, I was astonished that the actors looks very like Niki Lauda and James Hunt respectively. It is impossible to cast other actors for those characters. The scenes of racing are definitely breathtaking. In addition to it, the conflicts between them are attractive. They hate each other but also respect and set a target of beating the opponent. Racing is dangerous, and Niki suffers a fatal injury during the race. Niki should stops racing but the existence of James makes him come back to the car racing. His wife, Marlene's supports and her expressions makes a deep impression. After the Niki's press conference of his comeback Hunt beats one of the journalists. It shows he actually treasures Niki as his best rival and friend. Ilove this scene the best.
Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) Director Ron Howard hit this one out of the ballpark!I wasn't expecting much going into this, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! The writing/screenplay was on point. The Cinematography was outstanding.And the all star cast of Daniel Brühl, Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde and Alexandra Maria Lara where all very convincing in their roles.This film was unexpectedly really good!It's a 9/10 from me!
robertrobertblaze Chris Hemsworth did a great performance, he is such a talented and devoted actor. Daniel Brühl also did a great job on portraying the eccentric and unsociable legendary F1 driver Niki Lauda. so enjoy the movie. it is great.The sport, and to some extent this movie, is about risk. In those days, there was a horribly high chance that any driver would get killed. Hunt and Lauda's face-off is like the confrontation of wartime flying aces: there is low life expectancy, yet they are not competing for national honour but specious glamour and cash.