My Bloody Valentine

1981 "Cross your heart...and hope to die."
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Twenty years ago in the sleepy mining town of Valentine Bluffs, a fatal mining disaster occurred on Valentine's Day while some of the crew was decorating for a party. The sole survivor of the accident killed the remaining crewmembers and warned the town not to celebrate Valentine's Day again. When a group of teenagers decides to defy that order, a murderous maniac in mining gear begins dispatching townsfolk in bloody and creative ways.

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SunnyHello Nice effects though.
Noutions Good movie, but best of all time? Hardly . . .
Huievest Instead, you get a movie that's enjoyable enough, but leaves you feeling like it could have been much, much more.
Arianna Moses Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.
grantss Valentine's Day is coming around and the young people of the small mining town of Valentine's BLuffs are organising a party. A few decades earlier an explosion at the mine trapped six miners underground. One, Harry Warden, survived, though in a deranged state. Warden is sent to a mental hospital but escapes and murders those he deems responsible for the mine accident. Now people are being brutally murdered again, and the townsfolk suspect that it is the work of Harry Warden.Better than your average slasher-horror, not that this says much. Reasonable set up, and a decent amount of intrigue. Does fall back on many horror clichés, and the performances are so-so. Plot is ultimately fairly formulaic, but has its moments.
jadavix The original "My Bloody Valentine" is a tedious and utterly unexceptional slasher flick. The only thing that could be said to set it apart is the violence, which is quite a bit more graphic than the average '80s slasher. The "kills" are easy to miss, though, and I had to rewind a couple of times because the movie's tedium and inability to highlight the only aspect of it that made it stand out led me to stop paying attention in key scenes. In one scene, a man cops a pick-axe through the throat, the point of which exits through his eye socket. In another scene, a man falls from a ladder and is decapitated by a chain or something. I watched this twice and still didn't really get it.The only people involved in the movie who knew what they were doing were the special effects guy and maybe the guy who played the guy who got the pick axe through the neck and eyeball. The director was totally out of his depth.
GL84 Working in a mining town, a series of grisly murders leads to a legendary serial killer stalking a secretive party at a local mine and forces them to fight him off in order to get out of the party alive.This is one of the best of the 80s-era slashers. Among the better qualities is the watchable first half that has a lot to like, which starts off quite well with the initial town back-story on the holiday as the accident and eventual slaughter afterward go hand-in-hand with all the decorations and set-up done for the celebration in the present time. That creates an impending aura of chills and suspense in this when the few localized murders take place and the gag of the heart-shaped boxes are left behind at the crime scenes furthers this really nicely to create that full-on sense of dread here. That the second half tends to really ramp up the suspense factor from this early set-up enables a near non-stop amount of tense and thrilling stalking scenes throughout the party upstairs and the mine-tunnels below, as both manage absolutely fantastic scenes that follow a pretty simple pattern. The party tends to rely on quick shock scenes including the hot-dog water and the body in the freezer whereas the protracted stalking underground really amps up the suspense for some utterly masterful scenes. The chase through the falling suits, the extended chase through the tunnels and plenty of encounters throughout provide this with scores of scenes that take effective use of the genuinely creepy setting of the mine to load this up with great scenes in this section. These suspenseful scenes are augmented by the fine action throughout here with all the chasing, encounters and a thrilling pickax battle that reads a lot like a sword-fight, a marvelously designed and wholly chilling killer and plenty of gruesome deaths to really round out the film's positives. About the only thing here that doesn't work is the tedious love-triangle storyline that runs through the first half of this. These scenes are just bland and really grind the movie to a halt instead of really letting the intended drama that's festering beneath the surface come out naturally. Beyond this issue, there's a whole lot to like here that doesn't mean much.Rated R: Graphic Violence, some Language, Brief Nudity and suggested sexual activity and dialog.
Roman James Hoffman Arguably since 'Black Christmas' (1974), and certainly since 'Halloween' (1978), films in the slasher genre have been distinguished by a strict set of tropes. Namely: a horrific event kept secret by the guardians of a community; the anniversary of said event sometime later; a deranged killer that typically uses a sharp object as a weapon; a group of good-looking teens who fail to heed the warnings from the guardians and are thus killed in gloriously grotesque ways; the "final girl" – the surviving member of the group, usually female. Most slashers largely follow this template and the joy of a good slasher is not to see how they avoid these genre conventions…but rather seeing how they embrace them and embellish them. However, 'My Bloody Valentine' is bitterly disappointing in that, despite its high regard among many slasher fans, it simply trots out the format related above in the blandest and most uninspiring of ways.The film begins with the community preparing for its first Valentine's Ball in 20 years; however, the mayor is keen to play down this fact as, through a weak exposition scene, we're told that a mining accident 20 years before was caused by supervising workers neglecting their duty and going to the Ball. During the accident lots of men died and one man, Harry Warden, survived through recourse to cannibalism and, the following year, took his revenge on the two supervisors by cutting out their hearts and warning the town not to have a dance ever again. At the same time the town is preparing for its revived Valentine's Ball, a young man called TJ has just returned from a failed trip out west to find that his girlfriend Sarah has taken up with his friend, Axel, in his absence. Relations are strained but everybody is looking forward to the party which is unfortunately cancelled when people start dying again and their hearts are sent to the mayor and police chief in heart-shaped boxes. Undeterred, the youngsters decide to stage their own party (at the mine, obviously) which is when the real massacre begins.The set up sounds absolutely fine, intriguing even, but in EVERY regard the movie fails in the execution. It is paced very slowly as it takes a long time for the killings to really kick in but in the meantime the limp script fails to engage us in the characters or flesh out the back-story. In fact, half-way through I began to wonder if the woeful acting is suffocating a standard script, or if half-way decent actors are doing their best with a limp script (the screenwriter John Beaird also did 'Happy Birthday to Me' the same year which also suffers from the should've been much, much better charge). Although the answer is probably both. Either way, I couldn't have cared less as the kids are offed (apart from the older guy, Hollis, for some reason) and the reveal of the killer was rendered a dud as it was basically broadcast since the middle of the film. Inextricably entwined in this web of blandness is the total lack of atmosphere, even during the climax down the mine.The sad thing about it is that the movie very easily could've been an utter classic. The mining town setting, for example, is an outstanding idea criminally left to rot; I can imagine a Dario Argento or Wes Craven utilising the mine as a complex metaphor for the labyrinthine passageways of the subconscious mind filled with all our personal and collective dark, repressed desires. Instead, the mine is utilised as…a mine. That's just weak. Even the "final girl" trope: down the mine it looks like Sarah is doing the "facing upto extreme situations" bit and then it just falls flat and she ends up watching the two guys duke it out.Like many movies in the genre, 'My Bloody Valentine' has maintained a certain notoriety in being cut extensively in regard to the graphic kills. However, even in this regard, while the kills demonstrate some modicum of cool make-up effects, they lack the all-out Tom Savini style gore that enabled 'Friday the 13th' to rise above its limitations which, combined with the utter absence of suspense, renders the kills pedestrian in my opinion.From the notoriety and good-standing the film has with slasher fans, and the setting with the mine, I really expected to like this movie but it lacks everything a good slasher should have. Watch it if, like me, you like going through the back catalogue of Golden Age slashers, but otherwise I wouldn't lose sleep over not watching it.