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Ulrich and Günter Conquer the World
  • Ulrich and Günter Conquer the World (2017)
  • Comedy, Music,
  • An inside look into the life of Ulrich and Günter, the members of the German electropop duo Die Bass, as they struggle to make a new album.
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Ulrich and Günter Conquer the World 2017
U2: Rattle and Hum
  • U2: Rattle and Hum (1988)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • A concert movie on an unprecedented scale, Rattle And Hum captures U2 - on and off the stage - during their triumphant Joshua Tree tour. From the giant technicolour stadium celebrations to the black-and-white intensity of the indoor shows, this is U2 at their best. Follow the group across America, exploring new influences, playing with the legendary B.B. King from Dublin to Graceland.
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U2: Rattle and Hum 1988
U2: 360 Degrees at the Rose Bowl
  • U2: 360 Degrees at the Rose Bowl (2009)
  • Music,
  • U2's RECORD BREAKING ROSE BOWL CONCERT Filmed on 25th October 2009 U2 360° At The Rose Bowl was the penultimate gig of last year's U2 360° tour in support of their Grammy-nominated album No Line on The Horizon. The Rose Bowl performance was the band's biggest show of 2009 and U2's biggest ever US show, with a live audience in excess of 97,000. The show was also streamed across seven continents via YouTube. The first ever live streaming of a full-length stadium concert, U2 360° at the Rose Bowl had over 10 million views on the channel in one week.
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U2: 360 Degrees at the Rose Bowl 2009
U2: Vertigo 2005 - Live from Chicago
  • U2: Vertigo 2005 - Live from Chicago (2005)
  • Music,
  • The DVD features 23 electric performances, with songs drawn from across the bands entire career - from first album fan favorites such as "Electric Co," through U2 classics such as "Pride...," "New Years Day" and "Where the Streets Have No Name" and right up to date with "Vertigo" the smash hit that launched this years #1 studio album "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb."
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U2: Vertigo 2005 - Live from Chicago 2005
U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris
  • U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris (2015)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • This special shows U2 playing the Bercy Arena in Paris, showcasing the inventive set that allows the band to explore the concepts of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE via a performance that literally moves throughout the venue via multiple stages, a one-of-a-kind interactive floor-to-ceiling arena-length LED screen, and a radical new approach to surround sound.
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U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris 2015
U2: Go Home - Live From Slane Castle
  • U2: Go Home - Live From Slane Castle (2001)
  • Music,
  • On September 1, 2001, Irish rock band U2 made a triumphant return to their roots with two outdoor shows at Slane Castle, Ireland. U2 chose the castle venue because it marked two watershed moments for the band: their recording session for the landmark album THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE in 1984, and their first Slane appearance opening up for fellow Irish rock band Thin Lizzy in 1981. U2 GO HOME captures the emotional intensity of the homecoming with 19 live tracks culled from the concerts, including "Elevation," "New Year's Day," "Angel of Harlem," "With or Without You," "Pride (In the Name of Love)," and 14 others. The DVD also includes THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE documentary, which profiles the making of that classic album.
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U2: Go Home - Live From Slane Castle 2001
Under the Electric Sky
  • Under the Electric Sky (2014)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • This 3-D film chronicles the love, community, and life of festival-goers during Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, the largest music festival in the U.S. Behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews with Insomniac's Pasquale Rotella reveal the magic that makes this three-night, 345,000-person event a global phenomenon.
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Under the Electric Sky 2014
Under the Cherry Moon
  • Under the Cherry Moon (1986)
  • Drama, Music, Romance,
  • Two friends from Miami are in the French Riviera enjoying life by scamming money off of rich women. One day, they read about a young woman set to inherit $50 million from her father. At first, Tricky has Christopher Tracy talked into romancing her for her money, but as he gets to know her, Christopher falls in love with her. This love comes between the brothers, and Tricky tells about the plan.
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Under the Cherry Moon 1986
Urban Hymn
  • Urban Hymn (2015)
  • Drama, Crime, Music,
  • Set against the backdrop of the 2011 UK summer riots, 'Urban Hymn' follows a young female offender who possesses a remarkable voice and a determined social worker who inspires her to use it.
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Urban Hymn 2015
U2: Popmart - Live from Mexico City
  • U2: Popmart - Live from Mexico City (1997)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • Described as a sci-fi disco supermarket, the PopMart tour was all trash & kitsch, including a giant mirrorball lemon, a 100 foot cocktail stick - complete with olive, and the works of Lichtenstein, Warhol, and Haring, to a live rock audience. In line with this, U2's stage act has grown into a showcase of lavish special effects, cutting-edge sound, and spectacular multimedia enhancement. POPMART features Bono and the band performing live in Mexico City in support of their 1997 album, POP. Performing 24 old and new tracks, U2 puts on a concert that is a stunning spectacle.
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U2: Popmart - Live from Mexico City 1997
Up in Central Park
  • Up in Central Park (1948)
  • Music,
  • A newspaper reporter and the daughter of an immigrant maintenance man help expose political corruption in New York City.
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Up in Central Park 1948
Under the Roofs of Paris
  • Under the Roofs of Paris (1930)
  • Drama, Comedy, Music, Romance,
  • In the tenement slums of Paris between the world wars, impoverished street singer Albert yearns for beautiful Romanian immigrant Pola. Pola's boyfriend, local hoodlum Fred, grows jealous of Albert's constant attention to his woman and frames the hapless musician for one of his own petty crimes. But while Albert is in prison for Fred's misdeed, Pola ends up falling for Albert's faithful best friend, Louis.
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Under the Roofs of Paris 1930
Under African Skies
  • Under African Skies (2012)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • Paul Simon returns to South Africa to explore the incredible journey of his historic Graceland album, including the political backlash he received for allegedly breaking the UN cultural boycott of South Africa designed to end the Apartheid regime. On the 25th anniversary of Paul Simon's GRACELAND, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger offers a glimpse at the controversy surrounding the decision to record the album in South Africa despite a UN boycott of the nation, which was aimed at ending apartheid. In the run-up to an eagerly anticipated reunion concert, Simon, Quincy Jones, Peter Gabriel, David Byrne, Harry Belafonte, Paul McCartney and others reflect on the decision to record with local artists in South Africa, and the cultural impact of the album that delivered such hits as "I Know What I Know" and "You Can Call Me Al."
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Under African Skies 2012
U2 - Zoo TV Live from Sydney
  • U2 - Zoo TV Live from Sydney (1994)
  • Music,
  • U2 had been a major entity in the rock music world for many years by the time they released the ACHTUNG BABY album. Yet, it was this album that brought the band from popular rock act to multimedia force as their concerts began to include the video screen as an important part of the show. Following ACHTUNG BABY was the ZOOROPA album and one of U2's most successful (both artistically and commercially) tours, the Zoo TV Tour, in which the multimedia experience was expanded upon. This 1993 concert in Sydney, Austraila captures the Irish rockers in prime form, performing such hits as "Numb," "Even Better than the Real Thing," "One," "Bullet the Blue Sky," and "Where the Streets Have No Names."
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U2 - Zoo TV Live from Sydney 1994
U2: 18 Videos
  • U2: 18 Videos (2006)
  • Music,
  • U218 Videos is a music video compilation DVD by U2 from 2006, released the same day as its compilation album, U218 Singles. The compilation features their most popular videos from "New Year's Day" in 1983 to "The Saints Are Coming" in 2006. The DVD features videos from the band's two previous music video compilations, The Best of 1980–1990 and The Best of 1990–2000, as well as several videos that have never been previously released. The main section of the DVD contains 19 videos, including two videos for both "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of" and "Walk On." The DVD also contains bonus material with two documentaries, The Making of "Vertigo" and A Story of One, as well as seven additional music videos.
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U2: 18 Videos 2006
U2: Elevation 2001
  • U2: Elevation 2001 (2001)
  • Music,
  • Elevation 2001: Live From Boston captures the band's return to performing to indoor venues, making for a more intimate experience. The band had played mostly large outdoor stadiums over the previous decade on their Zoo TV and PopMart Tours. The film also showcases a more simplified, strip-downed stage design, free of the elaborate technologies of the previous two tours.
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U2: Elevation 2001 2001
Up in Arms
  • Up in Arms (1944)
  • Drama, Comedy, Music, Romance,
  • Hypochondriac Danny Weems gets drafted and accidentally smuggles his girlfriend aboard his Pacific-bound troopship.
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Up in Arms 1944
U2: Under A Blood Red Sky
  • U2: Under A Blood Red Sky (1983)
  • Music,
  • Recorded at the breathtakingly beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado in 1983, this concert features Irish rock sensation U2 and front man Bono in their early glory days. The program includes five previously unreleased songs and a director's commentary. Songs featured are "Out of Control," "Into the Heart," "Surrender," "Two Hearts Beat As One," "New Year's Day," "I Threw a Brick Through a Window" and "Party Girl."
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U2: Under A Blood Red Sky 1983
Upside Down: The Creation Records Story
  • Upside Down: The Creation Records Story (2010)
  • Documentary, Music, Foreign,
  • Over a quarter of a century since it began and a decade after it folded, this is the definitive film about Creation Records, one of the world's most successful and colorful independent labels. This is the story of the rock n roll dream and its accompanying nightmares. Millions of sales on both sides of the Atlantic, near bankruptcy, pills, thrills, spats, prats, success, excess, pick me ups, breakdowns and of course some of THE defining music of the late 20th Century. This is the definitive and fully authorised story of the UK's most inspired and dissolute label, from the Jesus & Mary Chain at the Living Room to Oasis at Knebworth.
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Upside Down: The Creation Records Story 2010
U.D.O. - Steelhammer Live from Moscow
  • U.D.O. - Steelhammer Live from Moscow (2014)
  • Music,
  • Russia has a special meaning for Udo Dirkschneider and his band U.D.O.. They were one of the very first international artists to tour the huge country of Russia - and their fans are still very thankful until this day. So recording a LIVE DVD to highlight the “Steelhammer” tour was an opportunity the band didn’t want to miss. It is the first LIVE release of U.D.O.’s new line-up which easily convinced fans and critics alike on recent festivals and headlining gigs. The band comes up with an exceptional setlist, incl. many classics that haven’t been played for a long time, fan favorites and tracks from the recent success album “Steelhammer”. U.D.O. once again prove why they are hailed as one of the best European live bands. "Steelhammer - Live From Moscow" was recorded on September 28th, 2013 in the "Arena Hall" in Moscow
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U.D.O. - Steelhammer Live from Moscow 2014
  • Utopia (2013)
  • Horror, Music,
  • "UTOPIA - One day your darkest fears come to life. But how can you escape your own mind? The concept of UTOPIA is inspired by Bjørn Alexander Brem's life and nightmares - the combination of being a lawyer in daytime and GOTHMINISTER at night drives him eventually insane - it becomes impossible for him to separate reality from imagination. The other GOTHMINISTER members Chris Dead (drummer), Icarus (guitars) and Turbo Natas (guitars) also take part in this nightmarish world filled with undead walkers, witches, werewolves and monsters."
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Utopia 2013
U2: From the Sky Down
  • U2: From the Sky Down (2011)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • This documentary film is about the making of U2's Achtung Baby. In 2011, U2 returned to Hansa Studios in Berlin to discuss the making of Achtung Baby. This film is directed by Davis Guggenheim. Screened in the UK as part of the BBC's Imagine series, this film was the first ever documentary to open the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival. Included is bonus footage of "So Cruel," "Love is Blindness," and "The Fly" shot in May 2010 during the band's visit to Hansa Studios to mark the 20th anniversary of Achtung Baby. Also included is a Q&A with Bono, The Edge, and Davis Guggenheim filmed at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2011.
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U2: From the Sky Down 2011
Una aventura llamada Menudo
  • Una aventura llamada Menudo (1982)
  • Adventure, Music,
  • Xavier, Miguel, Johnny, Ricky, and Charlie (the Members of Menudo) decide to take a hot air ballon to a concert and end up crashing in the woods. The boys have their own adventures (jumping in the mud, skateboarding, stealing motorbikes, playing practical jokes on each other, throwing sea sponges, and meeting beautiful girls) while the record company tries to get them back so that they can perform in concert.
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Una aventura llamada Menudo 1982
Un, dos, tres, al escondite inglés
  • Un, dos, tres, al escondite inglés (1970)
  • Music,
  • A band of young musicians will do the impossible to boycott a song they didn't like at all, and that's supposed to represent Spain in a famous musical contest. An unusual film by the odd Zulueta in which, after the success of Spanish singer Massiel in Eurovision contest, this kind of contests are parodied with an insane story shot without a script and with the performance of several top music bands of that time.
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Un, dos, tres, al escondite inglés 1970
Urgh! A Music War
  • Urgh! A Music War (1981)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • Urgh! A Music War is a British film released in 1981 featuring performances by punk rock, New Wave, and post-punk acts, filmed in 1980. Among the artists featured in the movie are Magazine, The Go-Go's, The Fleshtones, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, XTC, Devo, The Cramps, Oingo Boingo, Dead Kennedys, Gary Numan, Klaus Nomi, Wall of Voodoo, Pere Ubu, Steel Pulse, Surf Punks, 999, UB40, Echo & the B
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Urgh! A Music War 1981
Uriah Heep: Live at Koko
  • Uriah Heep: Live at Koko (2014)
  • Music,
  • Uriah Heep indisputably invented hard rock in conjunction with Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and have sold in excess of 40 million albums since their inception in 1969. Track listing: Against All Odds - Overload - Traveller In Time - Sunrise - Stealin’ - I'm Ready - Can't Take That Away - Between Two Worlds - One Minute - Nail On The Head - Into The Wild - Gypsy - Look At Yourself - July Morning - Lady In Black - Free 'N' Easy - Easy Livin'
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Uriah Heep: Live at Koko 2014
U2 - Live In Milan
  • U2 - Live In Milan (2005)
  • Music,
  • A bonus live DVD entitled Vertigo 05: Live from Milan is included in the deluxe edition of the U218 Singles. The DVD features a highlight of ten songs from the band's 25-song set in Milan, Italy during the Vertigo Tour in 2005.
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U2 - Live In Milan 2005
UFO Showtime
  • UFO Showtime (2005)
  • Music,
  • The mighty UFO performing live in Wilhelmshaven Germany May 13, 2005.
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UFO Showtime 2005
Ultravox - Return To Eden - Live At The Roundhouse
  • Ultravox - Return To Eden - Live At The Roundhouse (2010)
  • Music,
  • Recorded during the band's 2009 sell out UK tour on April 30 at the legendary Roundhouse in London. The Return to Eden tour was the first time that the classic Ultravox line-up of Midge Ure, Billy Currie, Criss Cross and Warren Cann had performed together in over two decades, and was followed by a highly successful European and festival tour that ran through the summer and into the Autumn.
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Ultravox - Return To Eden - Live At The Roundhouse 2010
Un Ballo In Maschera
  • Un Ballo In Maschera (1991)
  • Music, TV Movie,
  • Verdi's opera performed by the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus, conducted by James Levine. Starring Luciano Pavarotti.
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Un Ballo In Maschera 1991
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