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  • Once (2007)
  • Drama, Music, Romance,
  • A vacuum repairman moonlights as a street musician and hopes for his big break. One day a Czech immigrant, who earns a living selling flowers, approaches him with the news that she is also an aspiring singer-songwriter. The pair decide to collaborate, and the songs that they compose reflect the story of their blossoming love.
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Once 2007
Ocean's Eleven
  • Ocean's Eleven (1960)
  • Comedy, Crime, Music,
  • Ocean's Eleven is the 'Rat-Pack' comedy about robber Danny Ocean and his gang's attempt to rob the five biggest casinos in Las Vegas.
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Ocean's Eleven 1960
  • Oliver! (1968)
  • Drama, Music, Family,
  • Musical adaptation about an orphan who runs away from an orphanage and hooks up with a group of boys trained to be pickpockets by an elderly mentor.
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Oliver! 1968
One Chance
  • One Chance (2013)
  • Drama, Comedy, Music,
  • This film follows the remarkable and inspirational true story of Paul Potts, a shy, bullied shop assistant by day and an amateur opera singer by night.
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One Chance 2013
One Direction: This Is Us
  • One Direction: This Is Us (2013)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • Go behind the scenes during One Directions sell out "Take Me Home" tour and experience life on the road.
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One Direction: This Is Us 2013
On the Town
  • On the Town (1949)
  • Comedy, Music, Romance,
  • Three sailors on a day of shore leave in New York City look for fun and romance before their twenty-four hours are up. Based on a Broadway musical by the same name. The film marked the directorial debut for both Gene Kelly and the eight year younger choreographer Stanley Donen. They got to know each other in 1940, when they both worked as dancers in the Broadway production of the musical "Pal Joey", and Donen had worked as Kelly 's assistant choreographer in Hollywood since 1944. In 1952 they would co-direct "Singin' in the Rain".
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On the Town 1949
  • Oklahoma! (1955)
  • Western, Music, Romance,
  • This joyous celebration of frontier life combines tender romance and violent passion in the Oklahoma Territory of the 1900's, with a timeless score filled with unforgettable songs. Rodgers and Hammerstein's hit Broadway musical.
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Oklahoma! 1955
On Your Mark
  • On Your Mark (1995)
  • Animation, Science Fiction, Music,
  • This animated short by Miyazaki was created as a music video for the song "On Your Mark" by Japanese duo Chage & Aska. The narrative is non-linear with no dialog and loosely follws the song lyrics and chorus. The video feels like a very compressed version of an epic Miyazaki film. The story follows two police men in a futuristic setting in their repeated attempts at rescuing a mysterious winged girl.
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On Your Mark 1995
One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert
  • One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert (2014)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • From X Factor to the San Siro Stadium in Milano, One Direction hit the world with success. See them perform live in the San Siro Stadium and watch 15 minutes of exclusive footage never seen before. The boys are back.
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One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert 2014
One More Time
  • One More Time (2016)
  • Drama, Comedy, Music,
  • Beautiful aspiring rock star Jude (Heard) is stuck in a rut - relegated to recording commercial jingles and lost in a series of one night stands. When she is evicted from her Brooklyn apartment, she is forced to move into the Hamptons home of her wealthy - and selfish - father Paul Lombard (Walken), an over-the-hill, Sinatra-esque crooner angling for a musical comeback.
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One More Time 2016
One Direction: Up All Night - The Live Tour
  • One Direction: Up All Night - The Live Tour (2012)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • Up All Night: The Live Tour is a DVD release from the British-Irish boy band One Direction, which was released on 28 May 2012. The video concert DVD was recorded as part of One Direction's Up All Night Tour at the International Centre in Bournemouth, includes songs from their multi-platinum debut album Up All Night and five covers, including "I Gotta Feeling", "Stereo Hearts", "Valerie", "Torn" and "Use Somebody".
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One Direction: Up All Night - The Live Tour 2012
Oh! What a Lovely War
  • Oh! What a Lovely War (1969)
  • Comedy, Music, Foreign,
  • A movie about the First World War based on a stage musical of the same name, portraying the "Game of War" and focusing mainly on the members of one family (last name Smith) who go off to war. Much of the action in the movie revolves around the words of the marching songs of the soldiers, and many scenes portray some of the more famous (and infamous) incidents of the war, including the assassination of Duke Ferdinand, the Christmas meeting between British and German soldiers in no-mans-land, and the wiping out by their own side of a force of Irish soldiers newly arrived at the front, after successfully capturing a ridge that had been contested for some time.
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Oh! What a Lovely War 1969
One from the Heart
  • One from the Heart (1982)
  • Drama, Music, Romance,
  • Hank and Frannie don't seem to be able to live together anymore. After a five-year relationship, lustful and dreamy Fanny leaves down-to-earth Hank on the anniversary of their relationship. Each one of them meets their dream mate, but as bright as they may seem, they are but a stage of lights and colours. Will true love prevail over a seemingly glamorous passion? Welcome to Coppola's Broadway-like romantic musical.
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One from the Heart 1982
  • Oklahoma! (1999)
  • Western, Music, Romance,
  • London stage reproduction of the classic Broadway musical.
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Oklahoma! 1999
O Lucky Man!
  • O Lucky Man! (1973)
  • Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Music, Foreign,
  • This sprawling, surrealist musical serves as an allegory for the pitfalls of capitalism, as it follows the adventures of a young coffee salesman in Europe. Many actors play multiple roles, giving the film a stagy tone.
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O Lucky Man! 1973
On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z
  • On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z (2014)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • Beyonce and Jay Z perform live in Paris at Stade de France during their 2014 "On the Run Tour."
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On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z 2014
One Hour with You
  • One Hour with You (1932)
  • Comedy, Music, Romance,
  • Andre and Colette Bertier are happily married. When Colette introduces her husband to her flirtatious best friend, Mitzi, he does his best to resist her advances. But she is persistent, and very cute, and he succumbs. Mitzi's husband wants to divorce her, and has been having her tailed. Andre gets caught, and must confess to his wife. But Colette has had problems resisting the attentions of another man herself, and they forgive each other.
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One Hour with You 1932
  • Orfeu (1999)
  • Drama, Crime, Music, Romance, Foreign,
  • Orfeu (Toni Garrido) is a popular composer from a samba school. He lives in the favela and falls madly in love when he meets Euridice (Patrícia França), a newcomer to the neighbourhood. But the local drug boss Lucinho (Murilo Benício) stands between them and will drastically change both their lives.
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Orfeu 1999
On Broadway Cemetery
  • On Broadway Cemetery (2018)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • A meditative stroll through Sacramento landmarks, from the gentrified to the urban.
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On Broadway Cemetery 2018
Once Upon A Mattress
  • Once Upon A Mattress (2005)
  • Comedy, Music, Romance,
  • Queen Aggravain has ruled that none may marry until her son, Prince Dauntless marries. However, she has managed to sabotage every princess that come along. When Sir Harry and Lady Larken learn that they are going to be parents, wed or not, he goes off to the swamps and brings back Princess Winnifred ("Fred" to her friends).
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Once Upon A Mattress 2005
Orion: The Man Who Would Be King
  • Orion: The Man Who Would Be King (2015)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • August 16, 1977. All of America was stunned by the news of Elvis Presley's untimely passing. Some went so far as to believe that it couldn't be true. Somehow he had faked his death. For the executives at Sun Records that fantasy became an opportunity in the form of Orion, a mysterious masked performer with the voice of The King. First appearing in 1979, Orion recorded 11 albums and performed live to packed houses and rapturous fans around the nation. But who was the man behind the mask? In this stranger-than-fiction true story, Jeanie Finlay exposes the incredible life of an unknown singer plucked from obscurity and thrust into the spotlight with the complicity of a manipulative music industry and a public fan base unwilling to let The King go. Resonant in its themes of identity, fate, and the double-edged nature of fame, Orion is a stylish mystery story that finally gives a name and a face to a gifted artist who had been unjustly deprived of both.
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Orion: The Man Who Would Be King 2015
One Direction: I Love One Direction
  • One Direction: I Love One Direction (2013)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • Documentary about the London-based pop quintet. Featuring footage and photographs taken by their fans, as well as input from their audience the world over who offer their opinions on the band and recount their experiences, the film explores the reasons behind One Direction's huge success. The program also includes interviews with the band members themselves.
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One Direction: I Love One Direction 2013
One Direction: The Only Way Is Up
  • One Direction: The Only Way Is Up (2012)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall & Louis have proven they're more than a manufactured boy band by becoming global superstars almost overnight. Presented by X Factor's Sinitta, this program unleashes all the highs of the band's turbo-charged fame. From five individual hopeful singers taking part in Simon Cowell's British X Factor. the boys of One Direction have defied the odds, and their critics, by becoming the hottest British boy band in the world. With A-List interviews from Piers Morgan, Zac Efron, Katherine Jenkins and some members of the cast of Glee and many others, we explore what makes these boys a chart topping success. Smashing worldwide charts with their debut No 1 single and album, One Direction have it all: great voices, charm and good looks. proving the only way is UP for One Direction.
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One Direction: The Only Way Is Up 2012
Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records
  • Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records (2013)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • Under the direction of founder and world-renowned DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, Stones Throw Records has consistently released critically acclaimed, left-of-center albums since its founding in 1996. Drawing on live concert footage, never-before-seen archival material, inner-circle home video and photographs and in-depth interviews with the folks who put Stones Throw on the map, this documentary will delve deeper into the label's enigmatic artists, history, culture and global following.
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Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records 2013
Opeth: In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall
  • Opeth: In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (2010)
  • Music,
  • As part of the ongoing celebration of their 20th anniversary, Sweden's Opeth is releasing live footage from the band's recent performance at London's Royal Albert Hall. 'In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall' is a fierce testament to Opeth's continued success in the progressive metal community. Opeth performed two sets that evening - the first of the classic, 'Blackwater Park' in its entirety and the second, a chronologically arranged selection of material from the rest of Opeth's catalogue. Bonus DVD features include an exclusive interview and the behind-the-scenes documentary, 'On Tour with Opeth.' [Tracklist:] 1-01 The Leper Affinity 1-02 Bleak 1-03 Harvest 1-04 The Drapery Falls 1-05 Dirge For November 1-06 The Funeral Portrait 1-07 Patterns In The Ivy 1-08 Blackwater Park 2-01 Forest Of October 2-02 Advent 2-03 April Ethereal 2-04 The Moor 2-05 Wreath 2-06 Hope Leaves 2-07 Harlequin Forest 2-08 The Lotus Eater
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Opeth: In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall 2010
On Moonlight Bay
  • On Moonlight Bay (1951)
  • Comedy, Music, Romance,
  • The Winfield family moves into a new house in a small town in Indiana. Tomboy Marjorie Winfield begins a romance with William Sherman who lives across the street. Marjorie has to learn how to dance and act like a proper young lady. Unfortunately William Sherman has unconventional ideas for the time. His ideas include not believing in marriage or money, which causes friction with Marjorie's father, who is the local bank vice president
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On Moonlight Bay 1951
One Direction: Reaching For The Stars
  • One Direction: Reaching For The Stars (2013)
  • Documentary, Music,
  • This is the story of Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam; five boys from the UK who are taking the world by storm. One Direction are a global phenomenon, spearheading a British Invasion of America not seen for fifty years. From their explosive first appearance on The X Factor to becoming the hottest boy band on the planet, Reaching for the stars features previously unseen footage from the boy s world tour and concerts. Interviews with industry experts explore what really makes these teen idols tick, and as this pop fairy-tale unfolds we ask what s next? for the boys who seem to have it all.
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One Direction: Reaching For The Stars 2013
Out Where the Stars Begin
  • Out Where the Stars Begin (1938)
  • Comedy, Music,
  • A "Broadway Brevity" short from Vitaphone shot in Technicolor that spoofs the Hollywood studio set-up. When the ballerina star of a musical feature walks off in a huff, aided by the fit-throwing director (Fritz Feld), her understudy (Evelyn Thawl) steps in and "a star is born."
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Out Where the Stars Begin 1938
One Sunday Afternoon
  • One Sunday Afternoon (1948)
  • Music, Romance,
  • The third film version of James Hagan's play, this time with songs added, starring Dennis Morgan as a dentist who marries patient and loyal Dorothy Malone despite his constant infatuation with sexy flirt Janis Paige. Filmed previously in 1933 ("One Sunday Afternoon") and 1941 ("The Strawberry Blonde").
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One Sunday Afternoon 1948
On Our Merry Way
  • On Our Merry Way (1948)
  • Comedy, Music,
  • Oliver Pease gets a dose of courage from his wife Martha and tricks the editor of the paper (where he writes lost pet notices) into assigning him the day's roving question. Martha suggests, "Has a little child ever changed your life?" Oliver gets answers from two slow-talking musicians, an actress whose roles usually feature a sarong, and an itinerant cardsharp. In each case the "little child" is hardly innocent: in the first, a local auto mechanic's "baby" turns out to be fully developed as a woman and a musician; in the second, a spoiled child star learns kindness; in the third, the family of a lost brat doesn't want him returned. And Oliver, what becomes of him?
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On Our Merry Way 1948
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