Looking For Trouble

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Released: 01 January 1996 Released
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Jamie Miller is having a bad day. Her mom remarried a jerk and gave away her dog, and tomorrow doesn't look much better. But everything changes when she meets a runaway baby elephant named Trouble! When her newest buddy is recaptured by a mean old circus ringmaster, Jamie and her friend Harry the Magician hit the road to save him. She's looking for Trouble, but what she finds is pure adventure!

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Amy Adler Jamie (Holly Butler) is having problems adjusting to her new stepfather. Her own father, a helicopter pilot in the Everglades, died in a crash a couple of years before. One dilemma is that her stepfather is allergic to dogs and Jamie wants a cute canine more than anything. Then, a small circus comes to town and a featured act is a darling baby elephant performer. To everyone's surprise, the little saggy one escapes the circus at night. Jamie goes on a personal search for him in the swampy area around her home. Naming him Trouble, Jamie rescues him and wants to keep him; however, that's impossible so he is soon turned over to the ring master. Learning Trouble has been abused, Jamie runs away to follow the circus to its next location, in hopes of freeing him for good. But, what other trouble will follow Jamie?This sweet family film is sure to please animal lovers and delight most children age five and up. The elephant is adorable and talented while the motley crew of circus people are entertaining. There is an important character with a drinking problem but he is on the road to recovery by the film's end. The parents are loving individuals who care greatly for their daughter. The only caveat may be that the film is not widely available. For those who stumble upon it at the film store or library, may you bask in an afternoon of popcorn and pachyderms.

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