I Saw the Light

2016 "The story of Hank Williams"
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Singer and songwriter Hank Williams rises to fame in the 1940s, but alcohol abuse and infidelity take a toll on his career and marriage to fellow musician Audrey Mae Williams.

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Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
SoTrumpBelieve Must See Movie...
UnowPriceless hyped garbage
Billy Ollie Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
Hellmant 'I SAW THE LIGHT': Three Stars (Out of Five)A biopic based on the life, and death, of country and blues music legend Hank Williams. The movie stars British actor Tom Hiddleston, as Williams, and it costars Elizabeth Olsen, Cherry Jones and Bradley Whitford. It was written and directed by Marc Abraham, and it's based on the book 'Hank Williams: The Biography' (by Colin Escott, George Merritt and William MacEwen). The film underperformed at the indie Box Office, and it's gotten mostly negative reviews from critics and fans alike. I think it's about average for a biography, which means it's pretty boring stuff (despite it's involving subject matter).The movie begins when Hank Williams (Hiddleston) was already a well known country and blues singer, and songwriter. He was also already unhappily married to Audrey Sheppard Williams (Olsen), who was also his duet partner and manager. He also already had a serious alcohol and drug problem as well. The movie chronicles his rise to fame, and further descent into health and relationship troubles, up until his very young death at the age of 29.Hiddleston, despite not being an American actor (or especially from the South), gives an awesome performance in the film (he also did all of his own singing in it)! His performance is actually the highlight of the movie, but the character (and the music legend that he plays) should be a lot more fascinating. The movie recounts the details of his short life, and stardom, but it doesn't actually breath any real life into them; it's just not very involving at all (like it should be). Most biopics have this too annoying flaw though. The film is OK, especially for a Hank Williams fan, but then again, Hank Williams fans are the ones who should be the most eager for more.Watch our movie review show 'MOVIE TALK' at: https://youtu.be/mFAp0zxR-lY
Oeuvre_Klika I am very disappointed by this movie. I gave it 5 stars because of the performances and production values, which were both very good. Tom Hiddleston, of which I am a fan, delivers a great performance, as he usually does, and it was a pleasure to hear him sing. He seems to have put a lot of effort to put himself into the character, and I salute that. Elisabeth Olsen, as Audrey Williams, is also excellent.However, the movie itself is extremely bland. Even a film based on real life events needs to have a story arc in order to engage the viewers. There's factual, and then there's boring. There was no story in this movie, just (sometimes very) short sequences from Williams' life in chronological order. The first half of the movie was particularly jarring, as we moved from one event to another, without time to feel the impact of one scene before the next arrived. I'm not calling for melodrama, but this first half was as engaging as a Wikipedia page. It did get slightly better in the second half.For a musical biopic, there was a surprising lack of focus on music. Sure, we were shown musical performances, but we weren't shown a lot of context around them, making them seem more decorative than part of the story told. Maybe the film was made only for aficionados who already know everything about the country & western music business from the 40's? I doubt it. My biggest disappointment is that, apart from making me listen to beautiful songs, this movie completely failed to show me how important Hank Williams is in the history of music. If I had never heard about him (and before this year, I had never heard about him), I would be baffled as to why they felt it was important to make a movie about him.I could understand their choice to focus more on Williams' personal life, if they had made it interesting to me. But the movie is as unemotional as they could have made it. The direction is so detached that I sometimes felt like I was watching some sort of existential comedy, a la Coen brothers. Maybe I'm slightly exaggerating, but I did laugh at some scenes that I don't feel were supposed to be funny. I could not be invested emotionally at all, with the exception of a very few scenes. I really blame the direction here, because the actors did give emotional performances. It just seemed that the director didn't want us to feel any empathy for anyone.
Tom Dooley I am a fan of Tom Hiddleston and a big fan of Hank Williams – so this is one I very much looked forward to. It is from director Marc Abraham and he has gone for a very personal slice of the great man's life. We meet Williams when he is playing live gigs for a few dollars on the local radio stations being driven by his mom and drinking like a sailor on shore leave. We follow him through his tumultuous relationship with his wife Audrey (Elizabeth Olsen) and his attempts to fulfil his dream by getting on the stage of the 'Grand Ol Opry'. There are also the songs and it should be noted that Hiddleston did all the singing himself – either to pre recorded tapes of himself or live to camera. Check out 'Your Cheatin' Heart' it drips with the raw emotion and heart breaking fragility that was the true trade mark of Williams and is what – I feel- means that Country and Western is as vital today as it has ever been. The film though will not be to everyone's liking as it does not use the traditional milestones on the journey of his life and the music could have been more to the fore - or indeed less if that is your thing. I have given it time to sink in and am appreciating it more now that I have had time to think about its impact and message. The one thing that is certain is that it is very much a tribute and was made with love and for that it gets a big thumbs up.
adonis98-743-186503 The story of the country-western singer Hank Williams, who in his brief life created one of the greatest bodies of work in American music. The film chronicles his rise to fame and its tragic effect on his health and personal life. I don't even like country western music and yet this movie did work for me it's not Oscar material or the greatest biography because there are better movies out there like Ray from 2004 for example but i think Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen do shine a lot and the songs are pretty good and they even built an accent although the movie does have issues they could do some things way better like his addiction to drinking and they could built some characters better also the story is not 100% completed because they skipped some years and the whole thing with him and his wife arguing every day was annoying also the fact that he changes women like shirts gets pretty old at some point too but overall it's a nice pretty good film and if you like any of this actors you won't be disappointed and i really don't blame them for the flaws i blame the writers but just think of Loki and Scarlett Witch married with children and singing that's all 7/10.