Hostel: Part II

2007 "Americans...they have no imagination."
5.5| 1h33m| R| en| More Info
Released: 08 June 2007 Released
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Three American college students studying abroad are lured to a Slovakian hostel, and discover the grim reality behind it.

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Dorathen Better Late Then Never
Intcatinfo A Masterpiece!
Jonah Abbott There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.
Rosie Searle It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.
Marizza Pia Andrade Eh I guess I expected more from this. Yes, it's just a torture porn but some things were like wtf. Like, at the beginning, woman walks on her bf beheaded and her reaction is like "oh!". They did try to make the Beth the smart one, but even tho she did say couple of smart things (mainly warn her friend about shady guys that approach them), she herself took quite a long time to figure Axelle out while there were obvious hints (No one is that aggressively nice naturally while just leaving you alone in the pool and then appearing our of thin air when you get chased to "save you"). It's pretty predictable most of the way (one of my main pet peeves here is the classic: cool main character that is obviously going to win because his/her friends are dumb, shallow or just weird). And lets be real, you can play it that she survived cause she is smart and "badass" but the only real reason she lives is cause she's rich. Bonus points for that Bathory reference but that indeed appears to be the peak scene of this movie imo. Also, for a "torture porn", it doesn't really have that much of torture (or maybe I'm just numb to it at this point)
buckikris Hostel 2 Begins where Hostel leaves off, this time the story evolves around three vacationing girls. Beth( Lauren German), Lorna( Heather Matarazzo), and Whitney(Bijou Philips). When they are in Rome, they meet Axella. She is one of the models they sketched during an art class. The 3 girls decide to take a trip to Slovakia, while on the train they meet Axella. She encourages them to go go along with their trip, where she will meet up with them. Once there the 3 of them have no idea what is in store for them. When they check in to the Hostel, Whitney notices Miroslav( Stanislav Lanevski). Beth picks up a advertisement about a harvest festival, every one wants to go except Whitney. When she finds out Miroslav is going she quickly changes her mind. Once there Beth meets Stuart(Roger Bart), who is there with Todd( Richard Burgi). At first they all have a great time, and Axella is very friendly. The 3 girls start to trust her too much, especially when the group is at the spa resort. Once there Beth and Whitney wonder what happened to Lorena? Lorna was the first to victim when she meets Roman the night before. Beth and Whitney think nothing of it at first. When Beth falls asleep at the spa, she discovers all her friends are gone and she is being chased. Once she gets away, Axella finds her in the woods. She takes her back to her house where she meets Sasha. Beth discovers a photo of Axella with this man she meets on a train. Once she finds Axella is not who she appears to be, it's to late. Axelle drugs her and takes her to the factory. When she awakes she meets Stuart, thinking she is saved, but Stuart changes. Stuart unlike Todd gets into the torture thing. He starts to look at Beth like she is his wife. He becomes mean, then Beth finds out what happened to Whitney. Beth does eventually escape and Stuart loses part of his anatomy. It eventually gets eaten by the dog, which in a way was comical.I liked this sequel, because there is more of a plot. It is still a little gruesome; but nothing compared to Hostel. On the ending is is classic. I was shocked by how Stuart flipped out at the end. A great movie with an unexpected twist, recommended.THX, Kris L. CocKayne
mistoppi While Hostel: Part II is very much alike to the first one, there's one main difference. After the first movie people know what is going on. People know what's going on in Hostel and who is torturing the others and all that. So that's why Hostel: Part II has a chance to explore the people killing more than the previous movie, that tried to keep that a mystery for as long as possible. The second movie introduces us to two possible killers and we follow them as we follow the girls we know are going to experience what the guys in the first movie experienced. And while Hostel films are pure horror, it's interesting to see the two possible killers and their personalities - and see the development in the characters. That shows some true writing skills from Eli Roth.Another thing was that the three main characters were female in this film. This offers a lot more plot devices for the story. Now I was worried that the female characters would be the kind of typical horror movie girls, but something about how they were written reminds me of Death Proof. While the genres are different both Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino have proved they can write very interesting women.Also if the viewer has seen the first Hostel movie, the second one isn't as thrilling, because you already know how the system works. Of course there's still the violence and torture that create the horror, but the thrill is gone because you already know. And while you still may be excited to see if the characters are going to survive, it's too easy. Who survives is following the pattern. But the "how" is much more interesting in Hostel: Part II than the first one. Otherwise Hostel: Part II is pretty similar to the first one, and it's hard to not to repeat myself apart from those three key differences that I just pointed out. But the thing is, of course it's similar. I didn't expect it to be different in a major way. Still, Hostel: Part II is just as interesting, even if some of the mystery is gone. While the themes and patterns are similar, there are so many new details that make this one worth watching if you have seen the first Hostel movie.
Python Hyena Hostel, Part 2 (2007): Dir: Eli Roth / Cast: Lauren German, Bijou Phillips, Heather Matarazzo, Roger Bart, Richard Burgi: Graphic and disgusting piece of trash repeating the original concept only this time it's three young females being stalked and tortured as oppose to three males. With the first film at least it gives some insight into the reality of being caught up in such a crime activity in a foreign country. Lauren German, Bijou Phillips and Heather Matarazzo play the lucky victims who find themselves hung upside down, chained to torture chairs, and subjected to an array of punishment that should have warranted this garbage an X rating. Director Eli Roth is talented but fails to employ his craft to something worthy of it. When he made the first film, he demonstrated a degrading underground nightmare but here the script is just a repeat aiming for stomach turning reactions. German receives the opportunity to sever someone's penis. Phillips is grazed badly with a chainsaw. Matarazzo awakens hung upside down where her blood will become bath water. Roger Bart is the one interesting character who seems not to understand what he has bought himself into when purchasing one of the girls. He is joined with Richard Burgi who bought two of the girls in an auction. Presented as a sequel to please numbing gore hounds who see this pointless mayhem as entertainment. Score: 3 / 10