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In search of a lifeline for his struggling off road racing team, a man takes on a young car thief looking for a second chance, but as their worlds collide, they must struggle to forge a successful alliance.

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Tedfoldol everything you have heard about this movie is true.
Konterr Brilliant and touching
Taraparain Tells a fascinating and unsettling true story, and does so well, without pretending to have all the answers.
Jonah Abbott There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.
luigi sartor I was hoping the producers of this movie would get inspiration from 'Days of Thunder' and take the flick to another level. Well, that didn't happen, and that was a shame and a lost opportunity. But the budget didn't allow them to do much. So, it's just an "OK" movie and that's it. Nothing new happens.
rustic-48635 It's refreshing to see a movie with a deep emotional story. This movie has a easy to follow story line that deals with currrent issues while giving you a sense of hope that there are good people out there. Great movie for most ages. Well written and well directed. Great cast. The movie has a nice flow to it with a some funny scenes sprinkled throughout the movie. Highly recommend it!!!!
Michael Ledo If you have seen any film where the understudy becomes a star, like "The Natural" you have the plot figured out in the first five minutes. Dez (DeRon Horton) is a misguided teen who steals cars and used to work in his dad's shop. Rick Radden (Kevin Dillon) races dirt vehicles and has a cocky unlikable driver. Dez goes to work for Rick and guess what happens Scooby-Doo? Dez brings some baggage with him so the story can go 90 minutes without it all being left turns. Almost like a film you might catch on Disney or the family network. Decent sound track, half-decent swagger. Guide: No swearing sex or nudity. Most of the brief violence is done off screen.
Larry Silverstein I'll attempt to put aside what I know about the politics and positions of Forrest Lucas the executive producer of this film (as the viewers can look that up for themselves) and try and rate the movie on its own merits.I picked this DVD up at Redbox, not knowing anything about it. and it's not a bad B-movie quality endeavor. Kevin Dillon stars as Rick Radden, an ex-champion off-road racer and who now owns his own truck racing team. DeRon Horton co-stars as Dez Truss, s former car thief, who's now trying to go straight and is given a second chance by Rick to work with his team. They're both quite believable in their roles, as are many in the supporting cast. The plot elements are quite predictable and formulaic on the whole, but an air of tension is reasonably maintained in the off-road racing scenes and other areas, and there's an eventual feel-good aspect to it all.Overall, aside from some of the blatant commercial plugs, I felt the film was reasonably well presented and better than I expected.

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