Creature of Darkness

2009 "Pray for Day"
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Released: 31 January 2009 Released
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The story of four young couples drawn to the remote dunes for off-roading in their extreme machines. But the outing turns into a night of terror when they are attacked by the Catcher, a skilled and brutal hunter of human specimens for alien science.

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CommentsXp Best movie ever!
Numerootno A story that's too fascinating to pass by...
ActuallyGlimmer The best films of this genre always show a path and provide a takeaway for being a better person.
Humaira Grant It’s not bad or unwatchable but despite the amplitude of the spectacle, the end result is underwhelming.
gavin6942 The monster of a man's recurring nightmare turns out to be real when he and his friends go on a weekend cycling trip to a remote area.I simply could not believe how low this film was rated on IMDb, coming in at a depressing 2.8. Come on, people, this movie has Devon Sawa, the kid who played Casper and starred in both "Idle Hands" and the under-appreciated "Devil's Den". I think seeing Sawa's face alone must be worth a third star out of ten.Okay, so some of that last paragraph was sarcastic. This film is slow, boring, and the whole story is pretty stupid. Even the title, "Creature of Darkness", shows very little imagination. This film would have been better had they intentionally tried to make it bad.
martinidry This is the exact type of movie that makes you want to take a hammer to your privates because that would be a less excruciating experience. I have to admit that I really couldn't make it through the whole thing. The alien or monster looked like someone bought it off the toy shelf at Target and just stuck it on some human "actor." Eventually, you really feel sorry for all of the actors in the film. It's as if there was no script at all and they took a bunch of sixth grade drama students and told them to just improvise until their characters are killed off which they do by constantly talking about who they think is hot in the group or swearing. And every once in a while until they're killed off they just get into a random fist fight just to create some motion on the screen or some female dances "sexy" in the middle of an Air Force bombing range by a campfire. It sounds from the above as if this could be semi-entertaining as in shockingly bad but funny. It's not even that. It's one of those movies that angers you for wasting $1 at the Redbox movie stand at the grocery store on this chunk of garbage and even more importantly wasting your time until you do yourself a favor and turn it off. Oh, and the positive reviews for this are fake--somebody connected to the movie. That's really a poor use of this site.
i_am_rogue As well as being a film student and independent filmmaker, I like to pride myself on being a huge film buff. I'll usually watch anything, any genre, any budget, anything I can either enjoy, learn from, or hopefully both.I must admit that sci-fi is a huge passion of mine, and so I was excited to find a title that not only had I never seen before; but it had an interesting sounding synopsis and had received some positive reviews on IMDb.After watching this drivel I can safely say I did not enjoy one second of this movie. Not even one frame. The acting was terrible, the directing was worse, the dialogue was pathetic and nauseating, and the CGI was so bad, that anyone with at least some computer graphics skills could make similar quality effects in windows paint.Have you ever seen a movie that was so bad, it was actually kind of good? Alas, this movie was not even one of those.If you want to waste 80 mins of your life, plus whatever time it takes procuring this obscure indie title, then go ahead and watch this film. If not, you have been warned!
djohns600 I don't know what movie "Stardale in UK" saw, but I saw "Creature of Darkness" at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Santa Barbara in Februry, 2009. I really enjoyed it. The audience loved it too, and more than 200 of us stayed afterwards for a Q&A with writer-director, Mark Stouffer. After hearing how the low-budget movie got made, we were amazed that it turned out as good as it did. "COD" comes from the Roger Corman school of film-making, i.e.: a shoe-string budget, an attractive cast of young actors, a creepy scifi story, a big bad alien creature, cheap SPFX, that don't always work, but serve the story well, and lots and lots of sexy action. If I have any complaint its about the repetitious canned music. The movie, about an alien creature hunting humans, stars Devon Sawa ("Final Destination") and Matthew Lawrence, who are pretty good in it. So too, are the cast of hot young actresses, headed up by Sanoe Lake (the blonde surfer chick from "Blue Crush") who become prey for the creature. The girls aren't afraid to show off their...well you know...their assets. There's a nude shower scene that is worth the price of a rental. Add to that, off-road action with cycles, ATVs and dune-buggies and you've got a fast-paced eighty-five minute story. And then there's the alien, a cool looking, bug-like creature, who stands seven feet tall. It's seen as both a CGI creature and a full, 3D, animatronic puppet. After the creature starts killing off the teens, one by one, the teens fight back using make-shift weapons, ingenuity and raw courage. While the story is a bit confusing at times, and there are some clunky scenes, it all finally comes together and the movie delivers what you expect: hot bodies, good scares, and kick-ass action. Even with its flaws, "COD" is as good as, if not better than, a lot of the films the SciFi Channel -- I mean the SyFi Channel -- runs Saturday nights.