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A deaf girl attempts to contact her sister during a séance, only to connect with the ghost of a murdered woman.

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Noutions Good movie, but best of all time? Hardly . . .
Matrixiole Simple and well acted, it has tension enough to knot the stomach.
Odelecol Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.
Kaelan Mccaffrey Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.
petarmatic Another scary movie? OK, I watched it and quite enjoyed it. Kelen Coleman is so sexy and director noticed that and then showed her in many sexy ways. I really enjoyed it.As far as movie goes, nothing spectacular, a little bit of jumpy situations few ghosts and other stuff which goes with it. Now I would need to write some more about this film but I do not have anything. Except sexy Kelen and her cleavage and her pretty face, nothing else is worth memorizing.Dollls on strings is a cool idea, but only that just cool. Final scene after credits is a nice touch. But that is it.
zjwen I really didn't like this movie.It started off OK with some promise of an OK movie (never had the potential to be good though). The first irritation was when the deaf woman started to speak. She spoke in a normal fashion, whilst deaf people tend to pronounce everything in a different way, because they can't hear what they say. The story was slow and felt like a cheap "stir of echoes" rip off. At times it was confusing. They failed to get in a suspenseful setting and in the end, they have never explained where the voices the victims heard before they were abducted came from. In the end, when Christian is about to kill the deaf woman, even he hears the voices. WTF... what was the point in putting these voices in, if they first help out this guy and then work against him and then leave us guessing what they were and where they came from.I say, don't waste time on this garbage. You're better off watching Thomas the Tank Engine, that has more suspense and if makes A LOT MORE SENSE.
kosmasp The movie was not received well at the Frightfest festival in Glasgow in general. You can see why of course, especially towards the ending, when things got ... well a bit out of hand, you could say. The laughter that befall most people was definitely not intended by the filmmaker. The supernatural elements in it mostly work I'd say, if you let yourself into them of course.It's a tough sell and I think you'll have to have a heart for that kind of movie. I didn't particularly think this was great, but I also didn't think it was as bad as some people thought. It comes down to if you think this will be worth your time.
weemonk Long time since I've reviewed a film as I tend to use Facebook for that nowadays but this is a little gem that is well worth typing a few paragraphs about.I wasn't sure what to expect from this film and so with expectations low I came away from viewing feeling very satisfied at having watched a bloody good film.I've not heard of the director before and I've not seen the lead actress before now but have done a wonderful job. Basic premise is that a girl moves away after the loss of her sister and ends up at a séance trying to contact her sister. This leads to the vengeful spirit of a murdered girl choosing the lead to try and solve what happened to her.Whilst there are horror aspects, this movie is more a supernatural murder mystery thriller. The direction is excellent and the cinematography mixed with good believable acting make for a highly polished film probably far out reaching its budget. It's not perfect - some of the stronger horror parts concerning the murderer do not sit comfy with the atmosphere given from the rest of the film and sometimes some of the actions/discoveries are all too quick. None of this takes away though from what is a very good story from start to finish. This film could have easily fallen flat by giving in to the slasher/gore elements of the film and could have easily become run of the mill fodder. Thankfully though it does not and for the running time you are pulled into the film and captivated.This is one of those films that will not get a wide audience but deserves one. I'll be recommending to people I know.

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