2012 "You Can't Bury the Truth"
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Thriller charting the moral collapse of a police family. Two cop brothers, smothered by the shadow of their former police chief father, must investigate a crime they themselves have committed.

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Karry Best movie of this year hands down!
Alicia I love this movie so much
Spidersecu Don't Believe the Hype
Beanbioca As Good As It Gets
roosindustries i was looking for something with a bit of grit and I found it in this movie.The acting was very good and the plot was interesting and suspenseful.The characters and the darkness of the movie all contributed to the feel of the movie which left me invested in the characters and how the investigation would play out and affect the lives of those involved. The acting by Paul Bettany and Stephen Graham was intense and the relationship between the two brothers was well developed. I liked the fact it had an ending which completed the story as there is nothing worse than watching a movie and they don't deliver the whole spectrum of the story. Definitely worth the watch.
davideo-2 STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday MorningA young girl is found murdered in an English coastal town, and the pressure's on for detective brothers Joe (Paul Bettany) and Chrissie (Stephen Graham) to find the killer. When the prime suspect walks free, Joe and Chrissie abduct him and try to force a confession out of him, in the style of their old school, domineering father Lenny (Brian Cox) in his day, only for things to go wrong. Now, they find themselves trapped in a ticking time bomb, as the net closes in on them, with the diligent Detective Seymour (Mark Strong) putting the pieces together.Adapted from a TV series called Confession, this noticeably small scale production would have the production values to match it's source material. In spite of this, there some undeniably top rate, modern talent at work here that had the potential to really shine if their ability really matched what they were given to work with. Sadly, rather than keep you really riveted with what's going on and how it's going to turn out, Blood simply chugs along in a perfunctory manner, never having the bite or the spark to make the most of what it is. It's biggest mistake is probably killing off the mystery element, and instead of leaving you to guess whether the brothers really did it, puts you in on the act from the beginning Columbo style.As stated, this thoroughly low key piece has a top name cast to it, the kind that never abandoned artistic integrity for cheap selling out, and they still invest their all in it, with strong turns from Bettany and an explosive Graham, even if his cockney accent is over-powered (as in every other such role he's played) at times by his strong scouse brogue. Even in a supporting role, Cox still possesses a presence and intensity that allows him to shine through. Sadly, none of their superior thesping can save this hollow and undelivering piece. **
John Raymond Peterson The movie is pegged as a thriller but I prefer calling it a psychological drama with thriller features. As the storyline would have you think, the premise lends itself to a variety of ways it could have gone, however the best one was the psychological thriller and that is what most viewers would like hope to see when selecting this movie.I recognize the film did not go over so well with critics and they are entitled to their say; well they're paid for it anyway. Sadly, the audience also did not trip to the overall production and I, well I'm usually easy going, am on the fence with that one. Cops, brothers to boot, investigating a crime they themselves have committed entails possible clichés we are likely not thrilled to watch, but director Nick Murphy (and Bill Gallagher the writer) have managed to avoid those to my satisfaction. I'm a fan of Mark Strong and though he delivered a solid performance, his character did not really have a major part, not as much as I was hoping for. Brian Cox, who played the retired cop and father to the brothers, was excellent in his role, as anyone familiar with him would expect.The movie starts off with a crime scene and introduces us to Joe and Chrissie Fairburn, played respectively by Paul Bettany and Stephen Graham, the brothers. We get a glimpse of the intense personality of Bettany's character at that moment. The movie will then progressively and methodically immerse us in Joe Faiburn's hell, the demons he struggles with and despite that he is what one could call a good guy, the journey into his unravelling. On that basis, I would have felt stronger about endorsing the movie, but alas, I cannot; not that Bettany does not perform his little heart out, and he is an actor who can deliver such, but I know more viewers may well be disappointed with the direction the story goes and ends, so I won't.I chose to watch this movie because I was curious to see what sort of actor Stephen Graham was; I knew him solely from his role as Al Capone in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. I was impressed by his performances in the series and now that I've seen him in a motion picture, I will consider any future film in which he'll be playing more than a third casted role.
leonblackwood Review: I realty tried to get into this movie, but I found it hard to keep up with what was going on. I understood the main concept, but as for the rest, I didn't have a clue. Anyway, its good to see some of Britain top class actors working together, but its the movie that coke have been so much better. None of the characters are able to shine because the film us based around an investigation were you know exactly what happened so the whole mystery is aspect is gone. Its just a case of catch up so you end up sticking with the movie to see what happens. If this movie had any other actor in it, it would be easily forgotten, but it wasn't totally bad. Average! Round-Up: You usually see actors like Mark Strong, Paul Bettany and Brian Cox in big Hollywood blockbusters so its good that they have come together on a British film. Shame it want a better one though! I'm yet to see Mark Strong play a leading role were he can really show his acting skills, because I do rate him as an actor. I can see this movie going under the radar because it didn't get a lot of money pumped into the distribution. Just another straight to DVD let down.