Cary Grant
  • Cary Grant

  • Birthday: 1904-01-18
  • Place of Birth: Horfield, Bristol, England, UK
  • Biography:

    Once told by an interviewer, "Everybody would like to be Cary Grant", Grant is said to have replied, "So would I." Cary Grant was born Archibald Alexander Leach in Horfield, Bristol, England, to Elsie Maria (Kingdon) and Elias James Leach, who worked in a factory. His early years in Bristol would have been an ordinary lower-middle-class childhood, except for one extraordinary event. At age nine, he came home from school one day and was told his mother had gone off to a seaside resort. The real truth, however, was that she had been placed in a mental institution, where she would remain for years, and he was never told about it (he wouldn't see his mother again until he was in his late 20s). He left school at fourteen, lying about his age and forging his father's signature on a letter to join Bob Pender's troupe of knockabout comedians. He learned pantomime as well as acrobatics as he toured with the Pender troupe in the English provinces, picked up a Cockney accent in the music halls in London, and then in July 1920, was one of the eight Pender boys selected to go to the US. Their show on Broadway, "Good Times," ran for 456 performances, giving Grant time to acclimatize. He would stay in America. Mae West wanted Grant for She Done Him Wrong (1933) because she saw his combination of virility, sexuality and the aura and bearing of a gentleman. Grant was young enough to begin the new career of fatherhood when he stopped making movies at age 62. One biographer said Grant was alienated by the new realism in the film industry. In the 1950s and early 1960s, he had invented a man-of-the-world persona and a style--"high comedy with polished words." In To Catch a Thief (1955), he and Grace Kelly were allowed to improvise some of the dialogue. They knew what the director, Alfred Hitchcock, wanted to do with a scene, they rehearsed it, put in some clever double entendres that got past the censors, and then the scene was filmed. His biggest box-office success was another Hitchcock 1950s film, North by Northwest (1959) made with Eva Marie Saint since Kelly was by that time Princess of Monaco.

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Cary Grant Movie List

Title Role Year
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Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (in "Suspicion") (archive footage) 1982 Try Prime Free >
That's Entertainment! Clip from 'Suzy' (archive footage) 1974 Try Prime Free >
Walk Don't Run Sir William Rutland 1966 Try Prime Free >
The Big Parade of Comedy Cary Grant 1964 Try Prime Free >
Father Goose Walter Christopher Eckland 1964 Try Prime Free >
Charade Peter Joshua 1963 Free Watch now
Hollywood Without Make-Up himself 1963 Free Watch now
That Touch of Mink Philip Shayne 1962 Try Prime Free >
The Grass Is Greener Victor Rhyall, Earl 1960 Try Prime Free >
Operation Petticoat Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman 1959 Try Prime Free >
North by Northwest Roger O. Thornhill 1959 Try Prime Free >
Houseboat Tom Winters 1958 Free Watch now
Indiscreet Philip Adams 1958 Try Prime Free >
Kiss Them for Me Cmdr. Andrew " Andy" Crewson 1957 Try Prime Free >
The Pride and the Passion Anthony 1957 Try Prime Free >
An Affair to Remember Nickie Ferrante 1957 Free Watch now
To Catch a Thief John Robie 1955 Free Watch now
Dream Wife Clemson Reade 1953 Try Prime Free >
Room for One More George "Poppy" Rose 1952 Try Prime Free >
Monkey Business Dr. Barnaby Fulton 1952 Free Watch now
People Will Talk Dr. Noah Praetorius 1951 Try Prime Free >
Crisis Dr. Eugene Norland Ferguson 1950 Try Prime Free >
I Was a Male War Bride Capt. Henri Rochard 1949 Try Prime Free >
Every Girl Should Be Married Dr. Madison W. Brown 1948 Try Prime Free >
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer Judge Thaddeus Turner 1947 Try Prime Free >
The Bishop's Wife Dudley 1947 Try Prime Free >
Notorious T.R. Devlin 1946 Try Prime Free >
Night and Day Cole Porter 1946 Try Prime Free >
None But the Lonely Heart Ernie Mott 1944 Try Prime Free >
Once Upon a Time Jerry Flynn 1944 Try Prime Free >
The Shining Future Self 1944 Try Prime Free >
Arsenic and Old Lace Mortimer Brewster 1944 Try Prime Free >
Mr. Lucky Joe Adams 1943 Try Prime Free >
Destination Tokyo Captain Cassidy 1943 Try Prime Free >
The Talk of the Town Leopold Dilg - Joseph 1942 Try Prime Free >
Once Upon a Honeymoon Patrick 'Pat' O'Toole 1942 Try Prime Free >
Penny Serenade Roger Adams 1941 Free Watch now
Suspicion John D. "Johnnie" Aysgarth 1941 Try Prime Free >
The Howards of Virginia Matt Howard 1940 Try Prime Free >
My Favorite Wife Nick Arden 1940 Try Prime Free >
The Philadelphia Story C. K. Dexter Haven 1940 Try Prime Free >
His Girl Friday Walter Burns 1940 Free Watch now
Gunga Din Cutter 1939 Try Prime Free >
In Name Only Alec Walker 1939 Try Prime Free >
Holiday Johnny Case 1938 Try Prime Free >
Topper Takes a Trip George Kerby (archive footage) (uncredited) 1938 Try Prime Free >
Topper George Kerby 1937 Try Prime Free >
The Awful Truth Jerry Warriner 1937 Try Prime Free >
The Toast of New York Nick Boyd 1937 Try Prime Free >
When You're in Love Jimmy Hudson 1937 Try Prime Free >
The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss Ernest Bliss 1936 Free Watch now
Big Brown Eyes Det. Sgt. Danny Barr 1936 Try Prime Free >
Wedding Present Charlie Mason 1936 Try Prime Free >
Sylvia Scarlett Jimmy Monkley 1935 Try Prime Free >
Wings in the Dark Ken Gordon 1935 Try Prime Free >
Thirty Day Princess Porter Madison III 1934 Try Prime Free >
Kiss and Make-Up Dr. Maurice Lamar 1934 Try Prime Free >
Born to Be Bad Malcolm Trevor 1934 Try Prime Free >
She Done Him Wrong Captain Cummings 1933 Try Prime Free >
Alice in Wonderland Mock Turtle 1933 Try Prime Free >
The Eagle and the Hawk Henry Crocke 1933 Try Prime Free >
Merrily We Go to Hell Charlie Baxter 1932 Try Prime Free >
This Is the Night Stephen Mathewson 1932 Try Prime Free >
Sinners in the Sun Ridgeway 1932 Try Prime Free >
Blonde Venus Nick Townsend 1932 Try Prime Free >

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